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Adderall Street Names

Adderall, most commonly used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy, is an amphetamine that can cause serious and possibly fatal heart and blood pressure issues if not used properly. Adderall has been in high demand on the street drug scene because of its ability to give the user increased focus and energy levels, and is also being used as an appetite suppressant to loose weight. The most common misuse of the drug seems to be surrounded around the student population, regarding Adderall as "The Study Drug". Other street names include beans, beanies, Christmas trees, double trouble, uppers, dexies, black beauties, pep pills, and speed.

Without a doctors guidance, Adderall can present a number of dangerous side effects. With habit forming properties, people are more apt to form an addiction. Once a tolerant has been built up, people tend to take more so that they can achieve the same effect they did in the beginning. Increasing dosage without consulting with a doctor first could potentially lead to harmful side effects and overdose. Once someone has developed an addiction to the drug, it is harder for them to function in everyday life without it because they believe without the pill, they will fail at school or not be able to keep up at work. Other addiction signs include improper use, such as snorting the medication instead of taking it orally, and an unusual obsession with the drug, such as worry about getting more or if they are going to have enough. If you suspect that someone you know may be abusing Adderall, it is important to assist them in seeking help right away.

Once addicted, a person who suddenly stops taking Adderall will have withdrawal symptoms. Some may only experience one or two, and some may have a harder time, experiencing many side effects. These include paranoia, depression, mood swings, appetite changes, lethargy, insomnia, and anger. When weaning yourself off of Adderall, it helps to seek the help of a medical professional to help lessen the withdrawal symptoms and make the process of ridding your body of the pill more comfortable. For serious addiction cases, there is also the option of using an inpatient treatment facility where there will be help with the withdrawal symptoms and may offer a higher level of success in staying off of the pill.

There are many medical conditions that need to be brought up to a doctor before taking Adderall. Certain mood conditions, history of heart attack or stroke, high blood pressure, or an overactive thyroid are among the many things that your doctor may test you for or ask about before prescribing the pill. While taking Adderall, it is important not to drink alcohol, and to talk to your doctor about any other drugs that you may be taking, because certain drugs may not interact well with Adderall.

Buying any drug off of the street is dangerous. Not only do you have to worry about the fact that it is illegal, but you also have no way of knowing if the pill that you bought is actually the pill that you asked for. You are also putting your reputation at risk. If taking other prescription drugs that you bought off the street, you have no way of knowing how they will interact with each other, and present yourself with an increased risk for harmful and possibly fatal results.

Adderall is one of the most readily available street drug around today. With the rise of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, physicians are prescribing the drug more than ever, and that means that it is getting into the hands of people who are more likely to sell it instead of taking it themselves. Simply avoiding the street drug scene will not only keep you safe from harming yourself from misuse, but will also keep you out of trouble by not associating with the people who are buying and selling it. Always keep in mind that while the side effects may seem beneficial to you in school or at work, continued use could be harmful. By simply speaking to your doctor about issues you may have focusing or staying awake, you may be able to obtain Adderall legally and under the direction of a medical professional.


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