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Ambien Addiction- Signs That You're Addicted

Ambien is a prescription medication that is used to help those that have short-term insomnia. This means that those who are having a hard time sleeping at night but it's not a very common thing, Ambien is the medication that a doctor will give you. This drug is also given to some who are suffering from brain disorders. Some other names that this drug goes by are Zolpidem, Stilnox and Sublinox. This is one of the best selling sleeping medications in the U.S. today. Between 20-49% of people will experience insomnia at some point throughout their life. They majority of those people will take this drug to help them fall asleep better at night.

The drug is well known for causing people to do things such as sleepwalking, going for a drive and cooking meals in the middle of the night without having any recollection of it the next day. This is why people enjoy taking them, which raises the question: Can someone have an Ambien addiction? Many experts argue that you can't be addicted to this drug. But it has been reported that if someone was to take more than the recommended doses of this drug, that it can increase the chances of it becoming addictive.

After taking this drug to help someone with their insomnia, they have found that they enjoyed the "high" that they got from the drug. It eases anxiety and that is why people start to abuse the drug. This can be true especially if it is mixed with other drugs.

Getting a "High" from Ambien-

Ambien is a drug that leaves the body very quickly. This is so that it won't cause drowsiness or any wooziness in the morning when you wake up. This is why it's one of the most popular drugs for insomniacs, it makes you feel great the next morning when most sleeping pills don't leave you with that feeling. So when people take this drug to get a "high" effect, they find that it wears off quickly so they take more and more to combat the wearing off of the drug.

Most people who start taking this drug, as any addiction causing drug or substance, only take them to cure their symptoms. After they take it a few times and realize that they like the way it makes them feel, they start to become more addicted. This is why it's very important to only take the medication as it's directed or else you can grow an addiction that may be difficult to stop.

Signs of Ambien Addition-

If you are worried that you are becoming addicted to Ambien, it's important to know what signs to look when trying to identify an addiction.

• You take Amiben during the the day- This is a drug that is used for sleeping at night, so if you are taking it during the day it's a sure sign that you are abusing it and aren't using it the way that you should be.

• You take Ambien for more than sleeping- If you find yourself taking Ambien for fun rather than for sleeping needs, that is a sign that you may need to seek help or stop taking the drug altogether.

• You have more than one doctor Prescribing you with Ambien- If you have multiple doctors giving you prescriptions so that you never run out of Ambien, that is dangerous. This means that you are likely lying to the doctors saying that you don't have these prescriptions already.

• You steal Ambien- Do you find yourself trying to steal the drug from other people? Maybe there is someone that is hiding the drug from you but you tear the house apart trying to find it. If you do whatever you can to get this drug, that is a sign that you are in danger of an addiction to Ambien.

• You feel nervous or get panicked when you can't take Ambien- When someone has an addiction, they feel that they have to always have their drug on them at all times. They feel very uneasy when they don't know where their drug is or they feel that they can't take the drug when they really want to.

If you have been prescribed Ambien, the importance of taking it exactly as it's directed cannot be stressed enough. If you feel that you are starting to have an addiction to this drug, you should get help right away so the addiction doesn't worsen.

You may find that after taking Ambien and gaining an addiction to it, you will start to take other pills as well. Anything that is sitting around your home or any pills that you find. Talk to your doctor or join a support group to start getting the help you need for your Ambien addiction. It is said that 50% of people that are addicted to this drug are addicted to at least one other type of pill drug as well.


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