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Ambien Side Effects - What You Should Know Prior To Taking The Medication

Noted below are the various ambien side effects that have been reported through use of the drug or observed in clinical trials. The different side effects are graded according to their severity or how common they tend to be with them being broken up below in this very same manner.

Ambien is also known by the name zolpidem and it is prescribed as a sedative and is, therefore, a common medication to help the effects of insomnia. There are two different forms of this medication with one being an immediate release that helps to make you sleep whilst the other form is more slow releasing and allows you to sleep for longer than you may have previously been doing.

Mild ambien side effects.

The vast majority of people will have no reaction to ambien, but if you are unfortunate enough to be in the minority, then there are a number of mild side effects that you may be affected by. These mild effects will, in the majority of cases, pass without any cause for concern and you should find them settling within a couple of days. The only time where you may need to consult your doctor is if they appear to be getting progressively worse as the days progress or if you are still suffering from them after a prolonged period of time.

The most common mild side effects linked to ambien include: feeling generally drugged, drowsiness throughout the day, dizziness, diarrhea, suffering from a dry mouth on a regular basis, irritation in either your nose or throat, a general sense of feeling sluggish, feeling weak across the body, a regular upset stomach, nausea, and headaches. All of these side effects can affect people in different ways and you may only develop one of them or you may be unfortunate enough to develop several at the same time. Do just pay attention to how you feel over the first few days to determine if you do indeed need any medical help.

Severe ambien side effects.

An extreme minority of people may develop more severe ambien side effects and in these cases it is certainly very important to get some medical advice immediately as you may have to stop taking the medication straight away. These severe side effects may not be directly related to the medication itself, but they have been observed in people that have been given it previously and this is why they do appear in this list and also explains why it is rather extensive.

The severe side effects to be aware of include: changes in your behavior including what could be classified as abnormal thinking, being in a confused state, issues related to your coordination, hallucinations, suffering from memory loss, changes in your mood such as depression or aggression, suicidal thoughts, chest pains, problems with swallowing, problems with your breathing, vision problems, dizziness that is persistent and severe, and your heartbeat becoming faster or erratic. A small percentage of people may also develop an allergic reaction to this drug and the symptoms to look out for include developing breathing problems, a tightness in the chest, developing a rash, hives, or having an itch, and the appearance of swelling around the face with a particular focus on the mouth and lips. It is essential that you seek medical attention immediately should you develop these symptoms.

It is worth pointing out that this is not a complete list of side effects that may be associated with ambien, but they are the ones that have been observed most often. It is also important to mention that there may be times where you cannot take ambien due to other medical conditions and brief details of these moments are now listed.

First you should avoid this medication when you have previously suffered from sleep apnea or if there is any history of lung related conditions including asthma. You should also inform your doctor if there have been any previous problems related to mental illness and also if kidney or liver disease has been an issue. Finally, this drug can be addictive so it is advised to avoid taking it if there have been any prior addiction problems.

It is also worth noting that you are not to take ambien if you are pregnant or breastfeeding due to the uncertainty as to how your child or unborn baby may react to this medication. The reason for this is that ambien is known to pass through breast milk so tell your doctor in advance so they can assess the situation before prescribing it to you.


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