• Opana withdrawal symptoms often peak between 48 and 96 hours after cessation of use and will usually begin to subside after about 7-10 days.
  • The cost of a drug rehab can vary depending on the type of treatment setting and curriculum, and some programs are free of cost through government funding for example.
  • Prescription opioid withdrawal symptoms are far more severe and the onset is more rapid short-acting opioids are stopped abruptly.
  • Some GHB may be slightly salty or have a solvent taste that can easily be masked.


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Detoxification - Atchison, Kansas

People who are physically dependent to drugs or alcohol and want assistance will initially go through detoxification before receiving other treatment services in drug rehab. Detox is simply the procedure of the drug being eliminated from one's system, which is generally uncomfortable and may hold risks if not performed in a setting which can provide appropriate support and medical intervention as needed. Detox services are provided at either a professional drug or alcohol detoxification facility or a drug rehabilitation facility which can properly oversee and provide medical supervision for people who are just coming off of drugs. Detox services often include insuring the individual is as relaxed as possible while detoxing and going through drug or alcohol withdrawal, offering proper nutrition and ensuring the individual is getting proper rest, and providing supplements and medicine as necessary to make the detoxification process as easy and safe as possible. The individual in detoxification will sometimes be encouraged to take part in some form of physical activity such as walking, yoga, etc. At a drug detoxification facility or drug treatment facility which can supply detox services, the person will have detox staff at their disposal around the clock to assure that any difficulties are fixed as rapidly and safely as possible.

  • Valley Hope
    Valley Hope is a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility that is located at:

    1816 North 2nd Street
    Atchison, KS. 66002

    If you would like to contact Valley Hope, you can reach them at 913-367-1618.

    Valley Hope offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Detoxification, Residential Short-Term Treatment (30 Days Or Less), Women
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Private Health Insurance