• Smoking PCP is often referred to as "getting wet".
  • Once alcohol reaches the small intestine an individual will begin to feel the effects, and the only thing that reverses the effect is time.
  • When the level of Xanax in the body falls below a certain level individuals will experience uncomfortable symptoms and will take another dose of the medication to feel "better".
  • Negative side effects associated with PCP use can persist up to one year after stopping use of the drug.


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Residential Short-Term Rehab (30 Days or Less) - Blytheville

A residential short-term treatment (30 days or less) program delivers care 24 hours a day 7 days a week for an average of 30 days (or less) depending on the treatment center. The clients stay at the rehab facility and are ensured a totally alcohol and drug-free environment through their recovery process. While in treatment they handle their difficulties with drug and/or alcohol addiction while finding out how to go about their life without turning to drugs to resolve their problems. When the individual has completed their residential short-term treatment, they frequently continue their recovery process by going into outpatient treatment, attending meetings, therapy or counseling. Heavily addicted people who have a long history of substance abuse will benefit from living at a sober living home after they finish treatment. This will help them solidify their new found sobriety and give them strength and support.

  • Crowleys Ridge Development Council
    39.3 miles from Blytheville, Arkansas
    Crowleys Ridge Development Council is located at:

    6009 CW Post Road
    Jonesboro, AR. 72401

    If you would like to contact Crowleys Ridge Development Council, you can reach them at 870-932-0228.

    Crowleys Ridge Development Council offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Detoxification, Halfway House, Outpatient, Residential Short-Term Treatment (30 Days Or Less), Residential Long-Term Treatment (More Than 30 Days)
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment