• Of all unemployed Americans aged 18 or older in 2010, nearly 18 percent were current illicit drug users.
  • The perception that alcohol use is socially acceptable is evident in the fact that more than 80% of American youth consume alcohol before their 21st birthday.
  • Many parents are appropriately concerned about illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and LSD but often ignore the dangers posed to their children from common household products that contain volatile solvents or aerosols.
  • Rare but occasional heroin withdrawal symptoms which can occur when someone abruptly stops using the drug are cardiac arrhythmias, strokes, seizures, dehydration and suicide attempts.


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Chunky, Mississippi - Criminal Justice Clients

Drug rehabilitation is sometimes a part of a criminal justice clients court sentence. In order to get these individuals the rehabilitation they need, there are some steps that should be followed before they can enroll into a drug treatment center. First, they need to find out if they are eligible for drug rehabilitation during their time in the Chunky, Mississippi criminal justice system. Their case is reviewed by a panel who makes the decision if they are in need of rehabilitation and if so how much and what type is required. Additionally, when they are evaluated for drug addiction problems, the client is also screened for mental health issues as well. Their drug addiction problem, mental health concerns, criminal activity, sentence length and previous substance abuse history are all determining factors in the creation of the rehabilitation plan.

  • Second Chance
    13.1 miles from Chunky, Mississippi
    Second Chance is a Drug Abuse Rehab Program that is located at:

    406 25th Avenue
    Meridian, MS. 39301

    If you would like to contact Second Chance, you can reach them at 601-616-4605.

    Second Chance offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Outpatient, Women, Men, Criminal Justice Clients
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment