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Information On Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Crystal Meth addiction continues to be a problem in many parts of the world, particularly the US because it is easy to make, cheap and very addictive. The ingredients can be bought over the counter at drugstores and can be produced from a home made laboratory. It is seen as good value for money in terms of the type of high it gives an user, which can last anything from 6 hours up to 24 hours. People initially take crystal meth either because of the euphoria it can cause, as well the increased energy and alertness. Many women start taking crystal meth to lose weight as it is an excellent appetite suppressor.

However good the weight loss capabilities are or the high is that crystal meth produces; once someone becomes addicted it can be incredibly difficult to break that addiction. Many experts state that crystal meth is as addictive a substance as cocaine or heroine, while many others and former users argue that it is even more addictive. This makes Crystal Meth addiction treatment very difficult. So if you or someone you love is addicted to crystal meth you may wonder what can be done and if it is possible to break the addiction completely.

How does Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment Differs to Other Substance Abuse Treatments?

Due to the complex way that crystal meth addiction affects a person, while not impossible, recovery is a very long and difficult process. In fact in many cases the recovery process is more intensive and takes far longer for crystal meth addiction than addictions to other substances. However, like all addictions, there are a number of methods used in effective crystal meth addiction treatment. Unassisted treatment for crystal meth addiction is virtually impossible and not recommended.

Detox Is the First Stage

By far the most effective form of treatment normally involves an addict being admitted to a detoxification center and then attending an addiction treatment program that includes some form of counseling or therapy. The main goals of the treatment process is to teach and enable an addict to live without using the drug, helping them to handle their cravings as well as helping them understand what triggers their drug use. In most cases, there are underlying reasons why people take substances like crystal meth, beyond that of just looking for a decent high.

Therapy as Part of Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Once an addict has gone through a sufficient period of detoxification, CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy is very useful as this helps an addict to identify how their thoughts affected how they felt and how that in turn led them to particular actions - taking crystal meth. Once these thoughts have been established, they can be altered to more positive and realistic thoughts that will enable them in turn to handle stressful aspects or situations in their life more effectively. This will also help them to understand the specific triggers that make them want to buy and take crystal meth. Once they know the triggers, they can learn how to deal with them individually.

Detox, Therapy and 12 Step Programs Are Only Part of the Battle

The best crystal meth addiction treatment is one that encompasses all of the above with some form of 12 step recovery program. However, this is only part of the battle. There are further difficulties and obstacles that addicts encounter when going through the crystal meth treatment process besides the actual addiction itself. This includes things like: suicidal feelings; hallucinations; liver damage; kidney and lung disorders; permanent psychological and mental problems; bouts of unprovoked aggressive behavior and violent tendencies; malnutrition; depression; delusions and hallucinations and paranoia. While many of these will disappear or diminish overtime, some such as the medical conditions will have to be treated separately. This is one of the reasons why crystal meth addiction takes longer to treat than other addictions.

So if you are reading this because you are addicted to crystal meth or know someone who is, it is imperative that you seek out help. It is not an exaggeration that the continued use of crystal meth without treatment can lead to death. Crystal meth addiction treatment is effective, but an user obviously has to take that step to work through their addiction.


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