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Dilaudid Addiction Statistics and Facts

There are a few things that people should know about Dilaudid. Knowing the facts, such as Dilaudid addiction statistics, can help people understand how serious an addiction to the drug is. Read on for more information about Dilaudid, as well as Dilaudid addiction statistics.


The National Institute of Health says that Dilaudid impacts everyone in the country because the citizens all have to pay for the cost. Many people do not realize this but everybody does pay the costs when a person has an addiction to Dilaudid.

In matter of fact, according to statistics Dilaudid abuse cost Americans over $400 billion every single year. Different things are figured into the number, such as traffic accidents, crime, lost job wages, healthcare costs and criminal justice system costs that are all related to Dilaudid abuse and addiction.

Statistics also show that Dilaudid may be 3-4 times stronger than Morphine, and as a derivative of Morphine, it is highly addictive. Many people start taking the drug because it is prescribed to them, but then they end up becoming highly addicted to it.

Statistics show that people who drive while taking Dilaudid will more than lilkely be involved in a car crash. Statistics show that 10-20% of car crashes involved people who decided to drive after doing drugs.

Side Effects Of Dilaudid Abuse

People who abuse the drug may experience a wide range of side effects, and some of them are very serious. One of the most serious side effects that some people experience is extreme fatigue and weakness. Some people may feel extremely tired and weak when they become strongly addicted to the drug.

Clammy and itchy skin is another side effect that can occur in a person who is abusing the drug. Many people complain of having severe itching all over their body or in an isolated area of the body while they are taking the drug, and this is because they are taking a much higher dosage than what is prescribed to them.

Another side effect that the drug can cause is problems with vision. Some people may experience blurred vision while taking the drug, or they may notice that their vision gets dim due to taking a high dosage of the drug.

People who are addicted to Dilaudid may experience hallucinations, which means that they may start to think they see things or envision things that are really no there. Not only may some people experience hallucinations but they may also experience blackouts, which means that they may not be aware of what is going on around them.

When people get addicted to the drug, then overtime they may start to lose their sex drive. Many people end up not wanting sex as much, or they just do not care for it altogether, and the reason for that is because the drug causes them to lose their libido over time.

One of the most serious side effects of taking a very high dosage of Dilaudid is a change in the heart rate. The heart rate may become weakened the longer a person takes the drug for, especially when they take a higher dosage than what they are supposed to take.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person does not have access to Dilaudid, then they may experience certain withdrawal symptoms, and one of those symptoms is seizure. A person could also experience tremors when they go through withdrawals from the drug.

Insomnia and depression are also withdrawal symptoms that a person may experience. All too often a person will start having trouble sleeping and their sleep pattern will not be consistent. They also tend to get depressed to the point where every task seems to be very difficult to complete, regardless of how small or big it is.

Not only is depression something many people who are addicted to the drug will feel, but mood swings is another withdrawal symptom that many people who are addicted to the drug will also feel.

The above are just a few statistics regarding Dilaudid, and the above symptoms are just a few of the symptoms that a person who is addicted to the drug may experience. If anybody is struggling with an addiction to the drug, then they should try to get help as soon as possible.


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