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Dilaudid Addiction

There are a many things that people should know about the drug Dilaudid, such as what it is, the signs of being addicted to it, side effects of abusing the drug as well as how to get help beating an addiction to the drug.

What Is Dilaudid

The drug Dilaudid is a drug that belongs to the opiod drug class, which is derived from morphine. The drug is prescribed to people to alter pain perceptions. Patients take the drug to help them get relief from moderate to severe pain, and this is why many people end up getting addicted to it. All to often, people end up taking Dilaudid for recreational use and they end up abusing it.

Facts About Dilaudid Addiction

One of the most important facts that people should know about Dilaudid is that it is very easy to become addicted too, as it does belong to the opiod drug family. Many people find themselves getting addicted to the drug within 2-3 weeks of being prescribed it. This is because they feel like they need more of the drug in order to feel the same effects that they felt when they were taking less of the drug.

Signs Of An Addiction To Dilaudid

There are a few signs that a person may show when they are addicted. One of the signs a person may be addicting to the drug is that they take the drug in a way that is not intended, such as snorting it or injecting it, or taking more than the prescribed dosage.

Another sign that a person may be addicted to Dilaudid is that they allow the drug to interfere with their life. Many people who have addictions will spend a lot of their time trying to obtain the drug, and their addiction to the drug often interferes with their work life as well as their relationships.

Withdrawal Symptoms

There are a few withdrawal symptoms that a person may experience when they do not have access to the drug. One of the most common withdrawal symptoms that a person will experience is muscle pain. Some people also experience back pain.

Sweating, chills and watery eyes are also common withdrawal symptoms that many addicts experience. A rapid heart rate is also a symptom that many people experience when they are going through withdrawals.

Side Effects Of Abusing The Drug

One of the most common side effects of abusing the drug is dizziness and light-headeness. All too often people will start feeling light headed and dizzy when they are abusing Dilaudid.

Another side effect that people who abuse the drug will experience is water retention in their hands or their feet. People who abuse Dilaudid will often notice that their hands and feet are swollen and they may feel moderate to severe pain in their hands or feet when water retention takes occur.

Vomiting and diarrhea are also side effects of abusing the drug, and so is constipation. Suffering from fevers is another side effect that some people may experience when they abuse Dilaudid. Vomiting and diarrhea are also withdrawal symptoms that people may experience.

There are also less common side effects that do occur sometimes. Two of the most serious less common side effects of the drug is delusions and hallucinations. When people suffer from hallucinations, then they tend to see things that are not really there, and they lose the abilitiy to think clearly.

Not only can the drug cause delusions and hallucinations in some people, but it can sometimes cause a person to become extremely paranoid.

Treatment For An Addiction To Dilaudid

There are a few treatment options available to people who have an addiction tp Dilaudid. people choose to go to a detox center when they want to beat an addiction to Dilaudid. Detox centers use a variety of methods to treat an addiction, which includes medication, therapy and exercise.

Anybody who has an addiction to Dilaudid should get help as soon as possible because the drug is very powerful and many people have a very hard time quitting the drug. If someone knows someone who is abusing the drug, then they should try to get that person help as soon as possible.


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