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Understanding The Philosophy Behind Different Dilaudid Street Names

Dilaudid is one of the many drugs that are listed as opoids. Though it's primarily recommended as a pain reliever, this drug is known to have a strong 'hook effect'. A majority of its users tend to crave for it even after completing their dosage. Dilaudid is easily available in the streets where it is illegally marketed for approximately $8 for an 8 mg package.

Due to its wide availability in our streets, most people find themselves trapped in Dilaudid dependence despite being aware of the consequences of this behavior. With many online forums providing tips and information on how and where an user can obtain these drugs without following the right procedure, it's only wise for us to list down some common names that are used to conceal its illegal usage.

There are over five versions of dilaudid street names. Each one of them is completely different from the other and you can hardly point out the similarity until a serial peddler or user uses them to refer to this drug in your presence.

It's very important to take note of each of these names because a majority of dilaudid abusers do not refer to the drug by its brand name. Without familiarizing with the common dilaudid slang terms, it would be difficult to tell when your child or a close friend is using it.

There are different factors that cause dilaudid users and peddlers to adopt certain names. However, as we shall see in the course of this article, these names are borrowed from common household items (a smart way of hiding dilaudid's true identity from the wider society).

What are the different dilaudid street names?

Dilaudid is referred by the following names in different streets.

Dust, Juice, Smack, D, Footballs, Dilly, Dill, Dillies, Big D, Hydro, Super 8, M-2, M-80s, Hospital heroin, moose and white triangles.

Dilaudid street names are not something permanent. They constantly evolve to suit particular occasions. The main idea behind this consistent change is basically to maintain some level of secrecy by concealing the drug's true identity in cases when a person (or a group of people) is abusing or peddling it.

In addition to street terms, dilaudid retails under different brand names globally. They include: Hydal, Palladone, Hymorphan, Hydromorfan, Opidol, Sophidone, Laudicon and Hydrostat.

What does this drug look like?

This drug is normally availed in tablets. In cases where a person is highly addicted to it, they can obtain its injectable formulations which are known to be highly "effective". Dilaudid is also availed in oral solutions and rectal suppositories forms.

Some street names are generated from the different forms of this drug. For instance:

*Dust-This is used to refer to the powder form of this drug. Normally, this is obtained after crushing the tablets. Dust is widely abused by long-term users.

*Juice-This is used to refer to the oral solution form of this drug.

What are the symptoms of dilaudid abuse?

Just like with any other drug, dilaudid abuse can lead to severe consequences. Having known the different dilaudid street names, it is wise to learn some common addiction symptoms to assist in identifying and assisting victims of dilaudid abuse.

Some of the common dilaudid addiction symptoms include:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Mood swings
  • Drowsiness
  • Infections resulting from sharing of needles during injections.
  • Negligence of basic social obligations.

Apart from these common symptoms, you're likely to start noticing behavior change in addicted persons. For instance they might develop an unusual behavior of mentioning the drug regularly (using the dilaudid street names). Cases of missing prescriptions whereby a patient claims to have lost their medication in an attempt to get additional supplies are also possible pointers of addiction.

Dilaudid peddling and abuse is forbidden by law. It can lead to severe consequences especially if one is caught peddling this drug to a minor. Despite the different dilaudid street name versions used, it's your responsibility to get familiar with each one of them. This will go a long way towards helping get rid of this menace from our society.

To sum it up, now that you're aware of the different dilaudid street names, it's our sincere hope that you'll not be left behind when people are referring to this drug in your presence. Do not hesitate to take the right measures whenever you come across a dilaudid addict or peddler.


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