• Of the over 22 million Americans who were classified with substance dependence or abuse in 2010, 2.9 million were dependent to or abused both alcohol and illicit drugs, 4.2 million had dependence or abuse of illicit drugs but not alcohol, and 15.0 million had dependence or abuse of alcohol but not illicit drugs.
  • Tolerance to crystal meth will typically occur in chronic users, meaning the user must use higher doses to achieve the same effect.
  • Oxycontin withdrawal symptoms vary and can be mild or severe, depending on how much and how long and individual has taken the drug.
  • Non-medical and illicit use of oxycodone (alone or in combination with other drugs) accounted for 175,949 emergency room visits in 2009.


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Haledon, New Jersey - Detoxification

Men and women who are physically reliant to drugs or alcohol and want assistance will 1st go through detox before receiving other treatment services in drug rehab. Detoxification is simply the procedure of the drug being eradicated from one's system, which is typically uncomfortable and may carry risks if not performed in a setting which can provide appropriate support and medical intervention as necessary. Detox services are provided at either a professional drug or alcohol detoxification facility or a drug treatment facility which can properly oversee and supply medical supervision for individuals who are just coming off of drugs. Detoxification services typically include insuring the individual is as comfortable as possible while detoxing and going through drug or alcohol withdrawal, offering proper nutrition and ensuring the particular person is receiving proper rest, and supplying supplements and medicine as wanted to make the detoxification process as easy and safe as possible. The particular person in detox will sometimes be encouraged to take part in some variety of physical activity such as walking, yoga, etc. At a drug detoxification facility or drug rehab facility which can present detoxification services, the client will have detox staff at their disposal around the clock to guarantee that any complications are handled as rapidly and safely as possible.

  • Paterson Counseling Center Inc
    2.9 miles from Haledon, New Jersey
    Paterson Counseling Center Inc is a Drug Rehab Service that is located at:

    319-321 Main Street
    Paterson, NJ. 7505

    If you would like to contact Paterson Counseling Center Inc, you can reach them at 973-523-8316 x7221.

    Paterson Counseling Center Inc offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Detoxification, Methadone Detoxification, Outpatient, Persons With Hiv/Aids, Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Women, Men, Spanish
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Medicaid
  • Straight and Narrow Inc
    3.2 miles from Haledon, New Jersey
    Straight and Narrow Inc is a Substance Abuse Treatment Center that is located at:

    410 Straight Street
    Paterson, NJ. 7509

    If you would like to contact Straight and Narrow Inc, you can reach them at 973-345-6000 x6572.

    Straight and Narrow Inc offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Detoxification, Residential Short-Term Treatment (30 Days Or Less), Persons With Co-Occurring Mental And Substance Abuse Disorders, Persons With Hiv/Aids, Gays And Lesbians, Seniors/Older Adults, Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Women, Residential Beds For Clients Children, Criminal Justice Clients
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Payment Assistance (Check With Facility For Details)