• When someone has taken a particularly large dose of opiates they may not be able to be awakened, their pupils become smaller, and their skin becomes cold, moist, and bluish in color. Breathing slows and death can occur.
  • When Ecstasy was first synthesized it was thought that it may be of use as an appetite suppressant.
  • Large amounts of PCP may cause convulsions, coma, hyperthermia, and death.
  • In the most severe cases, untreated alcohol withdrawal syndrome can result in death.


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Harrisville, MS. - Partial Hospitalization-Day Treatment

For those not needing the intensive care that inpatient drug rehab in Harrisville, MS. delivers but still in need of a lot more attention than an outpatient program, partial hospitalization / day treatment is a great option. Individuals are often enrolled into this type of treatment as a prevention measure when it comes to their substance abuse difficulties or as a transition back into their life in the community. Partial hospitalization / day treatment generally lasts for several hours a day (if not the entire day itself) and for several days through the week (if not the entire week). Through their time in treatment clients will most likely participate in personal counseling and group therapy in addition to other social activities to build their life skills.

  • Jefferson County Hospital
    28.6 miles from Harrisville, Mississippi
    Jefferson County Hospital is a Substance Abuse Program that is located at:

    4755 McWillie Drive
    Jackson, MS. 39205

    If you would like to contact Jefferson County Hospital, you can reach them at 601-786-3401.

    Jefferson County Hospital offers the following treatment services: Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment
    Payment forms accepted: Medicare, Private Health Insurance, Payment Assistance (Check With Facility For Details)