• The two most common methods of administration of anabolic steroids are oral and through injection.
  • The most dangerous side effect of OxyContin use is respiratory depression which could be fatal especially if the drug is being abused and an overdose occurs.
  • The effects of methadone subside long before the drug is out of the person's system; a factor which can make excessive use of the drug extremely risky.
  • Robberies associated with the drug have prompted some pharmacies in Tazewell County, Virginia to discontinue selling OxyContin and post signs stating they no longer carry the drug.


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Methadone Detoxification - Hilo

Methadone detoxification can be a very uncomfortable and taxing experience. Withdrawal Symptoms usually begin between twenty-four and forty-eight hours after the user's last dose of the drug. Typical withdrawal symptoms include: stomach cramps, sweating, nausea, tremors, extreme opiate cravings, irritability, sneezing, fever, chills, vomiting, anxiety, fuzzy-headedness, paranoia, hallucinations and clinical depression. Additionally, these unpleasant methadone withdrawal symptoms tend to continue much longer than heroin withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the dose of methadone and how long the person has been using methadone, the symptoms can last for several weeks to several months. Professionals in the field of methadone detoxification typically advise the gradual decrease of the drug over a period of time instead of completely stopping all at once.

  • Ku Aloha Ola Mau Inc
    Ku Aloha Ola Mau Inc is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center that is located at:

    900 Leilani Street
    Hilo, HI. 96720

    If you would like to contact Ku Aloha Ola Mau Inc, you can reach them at 808-961-6822.

    Ku Aloha Ola Mau Inc offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Detoxification, Methadone Detoxification, Outpatient, Persons With Co-Occurring Mental And Substance Abuse Disorders, Persons With Hiv/Aids, Seniors/Older Adults, Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Women, Men, Asl Or Other Assistance For Hearing Impaired, Other Languages
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Medicaid, Medicare, Private Health Insurance