• When people mix cocaine and alcohol the dangers associated with the use of these substances are compounded, and the human liver combines cocaine and alcohol and manufactures a third substance, cocaethylene, which intensifies cocaine's euphoric effects while also increasing the risk of sudden death.
  • Methadone users who are pregnant are at risk of premature labor or having a miscarriage if they abruptly stop using the drug, and many women choose to continue using methadone throughout their pregnancy to minimize these risks.
  • The physical effects include increased body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure; sleeplessness, and loss of appetite.
  • Sudden cessation of chronic and extensive alcohol use will very likely produce withdrawal symptoms, including severe anxiety, tremors, hallucinations and convulsions.


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Residential Long-Term Treatment (More Than 30 Days) - Houghton, Michigan

Going to and completing a residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days) program in Houghton is usually the cornerstone in an addict's successful recovery from their personal struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. This type of drug rehab is a lot more intensive than others due to the fact the client lives at the facility full-time during the treatment process. While many addicts are at first hesitant about attending a long-term program lasting longer than 30 days they soon understand the good benefit. A residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days) program offers the recovering man or woman the time to totally withdrawal from drugs and concentrate on themselves. Shorter programs are not capable of this due to their quick duration.

  • Keweenaw Bay Indian Comm SAP
    31.5 miles from Houghton, Michigan
    Keweenaw Bay Indian Comm SAP is a Drug Abuse Treatment Facility that is located at:

    16025 Brewery Road
    Lanse, MI. 49946

    If you would like to contact Keweenaw Bay Indian Comm SAP, you can reach them at 906-524-4411 x110.

    Keweenaw Bay Indian Comm SAP offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Residential Long-Term Treatment (More Than 30 Days)
    Payment forms accepted: Medicaid