• Percocet addiction is can be characterized by a pattern of compulsive use, despite undesirable side effects and other consequences.
  • Doctor shopping is a term used to describe the method by which illicit users of prescription drugs see multiple doctors at the same time for the sole purpose of obtaining medications from more than one prescriber for their non-medical use.
  • Since 2004, the anti-anxiety prescription drug Klonopin has seen a 461 percent increase in involvement in emergency room visits.
  • The purer the heroin, the whiter it is, and variations in color signify the presence of impurities.


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Detoxification - Lambertville, Michigan

Men and women who are physically reliant to drugs or alcohol and want help will first go through detox before getting other treatment services in drug rehab. Detoxification is simply the procedure of the drug being removed from one's system, which is usually uncomfortable and may hold risks if not carried out in a setting which can supply appropriate support and medical intervention as necessary. Detoxification services are supplied at either a professional drug or alcohol detoxification facility or a drug treatment facility which can appropriately oversee and supply medical supervision for persons who are just coming off of drugs. Detoxification services frequently include insuring the client is as relaxed as possible while detoxing and going through drug or alcohol withdrawal, delivering proper nutrition and making certain the individual is getting proper rest, and providing supplements and medicine as wanted to make the detoxification process as easy and safe as possible. The individual in detoxification will sometimes be encouraged to take part in some kind of physical activity such as walking, yoga, etc. At a drug detox facility or drug treatment facility which can provide detox services, the client will have detoxification staff at their disposal around the clock to guarantee that any difficulties are handled as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Rainbow Center of Michigan Inc
    13.5 miles from Lambertville, Michigan
    Rainbow Center of Michigan Inc is a Drug Rehab Center that is located at:

    14733 South Telegraph Road
    Monroe, MI. 48161

    If you would like to contact Rainbow Center of Michigan Inc, you can reach them at 734-243-8707.

    Rainbow Center of Michigan Inc offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Detoxification, Methadone Detoxification, Outpatient, Asl Or Other Assistance For Hearing Impaired
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Medicaid, Medicare, Private Health Insurance, Military Insurance (E.G., Va, Tricare)