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Effects Of Taking Lortab

Lortab or Hydrocodone Acetminophen; as it is often labeled is a class three prescription only pain medicine used to treat chronic to severe pain. It is classified as a controlled drug because it can be addicting. If you or a loved one takes lortab for the treatment of pain it is very important that the medication be taken only as prescribed and under the direct supervision of a physician. Further, never stop this medication suddenly as it can cause adverse reactions.

Lortab Effects:

When you first begin taking hydrocodone you may notice some adverse effects. Effects such as headaches, stomach upset, slight nausea, or even dizziness. Additionally, some individuals complain of being constipated, feelings of anxiousness, unquenchable thirst and/or sleepiness. Yet other effects you may notice while taking this medicine are your vision may become blurred, some have complained of experiencing a change in their mood as well as getting sick to their stomach. These effects although somewhat disconcerting usually pass after a few days on the medication. In fact the longer you take the medication the lesser the symptoms are. If you notice any of these effects and they do not go away after a few days call your doctor. Your physician may need to adjust the dosage or frequency you take the medicine. He or She may also choose to change the medicine all together.

There are however a few more serious lortab effects you may experience while on this medicine. These lortab effects could be dangerous and require immediate medical intervention. For instance, lortab can cause; in some individuals, seizures, fear, slowed heart rate, slowed breathing, confusion, irrational/uncommon thinking or behaviors, an inability to urinate or dark colored urine. Very bad stomach pain, throwing up. A stool that resembles the color of clay is another serious side effect you may discover while taking this medication, as is becoming faint and passing out. If any of these more alarming effects are noted call your physician immediately or get to an emergency room as you could be experiencing a very serious allergy to the drug. A rash, raised bumps on the skin; either of which may itch terribly are also signs of a severe reaction to lortab. If you suspect that you may be having an acute reaction to this drug get help quickly, time may be of the essence.

Beware Of Overdose Symptoms:

Lortab is a very strong drug and can be deadly if taken incorrectly. If you experience intense pain it might seem like the medication is not effective. This can make some people think that perhaps the drug is not strong enough. You may be tempted to take another pill hoping another lortab will alleviate the pain or at least make it more tolerable. This can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal. Signs of an overdose you should be aware of are; tiny pupils that resemble a pinpoint, perspiration, extreme sleepiness, skin that is yellow in color, weakened muscles, cold clammy skin, passing out, faint pulse, breathing that is shallow, inability to walk or even not breathing at all. If you notice any of these symptoms seek immediate emergency help. Call an ambulance rather than trying to get yourself or a loved one to the hospital.

If you have a history of low blood pressure, diseases of the kidneys, liver, problems with the intestines or breathing problems or if you have any mental disorder. Additionally, if your spine curves abnormally, you drink more than three beverages containing alcohol you should not take lortab. You should also refrain from taking lortab or Acetaminophen if you have ever had an allergic reaction to either drug. Further still, if you have a disorder of the adrenal gland or if your thyroid is underactive you should not take lortab. The federal drug administration places lortab in a C category. This is because pregnant women can pass the drug onto their unborn child. Lortab can cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms in newborn babies and it can also cause a breathing condition in the newborn's lungs. Further still, the mother can pass the drug onto her baby while breastfeeding. It is important that if you are pregnant, you advise your gynecologist accordingly for the safety and health of your baby.

Beware and Take Care:

Before you begin taking lortab make certain all your physicians are aware of all medications; both prescription and over the counter, that you are taking regularly and/or infrequently. Some medicines can cause serious reactions when combined with lortab. Additionally, antidepressant medications, sleeping medications-including the over the counter herbal medicine called Melatonin can intensify the lortab effects. This can possibly cause an overdose or death.

Lortab can be beneficial in some cases but it is extremely addictive too, If you have discovered that you have developed a dependency to lortab and want to get off this drug get help. Never attempt to rid your body of this medicine alone. There are numerous treatment facilities available to help and you will be monitored for the safe withdrawal from lortab effects.


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