• Snorting methamphetamine may and often does irritate the nasal passages.
  • Research indicates that past year rates in relation to LSD use among males is typically much higher than rates of LSD use among females.
  • Withdrawal from antipsychotic prescription medication can occur because the brain may need time to adjust to sudden cessation of the drug after prolonged use.
  • Methadone doesn't lessen the severity of drug addiction and dependence, and use of the drug in any type of treatment environment leaves the addict completely dependent on and addicted to methadone instead of other opiates they were formerly addicted to.


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Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

There are many different kinds of substances that people can develop an addiction to in Massachusetts. Illicit street drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana are no longer the only drug threats because of the large rise in prescription drug abuse within the past several years. Newly emerging designer drugs have also become a severe problem, such as the stimulant drug known as "bath salts" and synthetic versions of marijuana known as "spice" and "K2" which are being sold legally in specialty shops across the country. Just as rates of drug use and abuse are on the rise, so are rates of people needing and looking for effective help.

Drug rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts can help individuals by not only assisting them to abstain from abusing drugs, but also assist them through the difficult detox and withdrawal process. After the physical element of addiction is handled, substance abuse counselors will assist individuals get down to the bottom of how they became addicted to drugs to begin with, which will ensure they don't give in to the same traps and temptations in the future. When a person tries to stop drug use on their own, they will not only find it very hard if not impossible to not give in to the intense drug cravings, but they will also have to endure the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal alone, which can at times be incredibly uncomfortable. If not in a drug rehab setting, and with easy access to one's drug of choice, it is easy enough to give in to relapse. This is why it is very important for people to know that professional help does exist, and there is a way to recover from the grips of drug addiction.

The way to stop the cycle of addiction is to expose and resolve the factors in one's life which made drugs a solution, and then establishing new solutions and coping mechanisms to better handle these factors when they arise again in the future. Some drug rehabilitation programs only work on the physical side of addiction, and leave it up to the addicted individual to sort out their emotional and psychological ties to drugs. A drug detoxification facility or short term drug treatment facility for example typically only helps addicts overcome the physical aspect of addiction and gets them to stop using drugs for a period of time. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to tackle if one wants to remain abstinent and be able to do it with confidence and resolve. This is why it is essential that people choose the proper kind of drug treatment facility that is going to be effective at getting all important issues addressed and resolved through counseling, education and other recovery techniques for as long as it takes to reach this point.

Because approaching addiction in this way is confirmed to be the most effective drug treatment approach, people who want to receive the most effective help should receive treatment at a residential or inpatient drug treatment facility in Massachusetts. There are several reasons why these types of rehab facilities supply the most effective treatment, but first and foremost the treatment setting in itself is one of the most important aspects of treatment to factor in. A drug rehabilitation program will provide the best results when the recovering addict can completely involve themselves in treatment and self betterment. Outpatient drug rehabilitation centers typically don't produce desirable results and set an individual up for relapse, due to the fact that they are not entirely able to focus on recovery and then they return home to things which may trigger their addiction. If in an inpatient or residential drug rehab location this is of course not the case, in addition to the advantage of not having any access to drugs but having access to positive support and care around the clock.

An additional component which is often a predictor of whether or not a person will find good results by way of treatment at a drug rehab in Massachusetts is the length of time they stay in treatment. It has been proven time and time again that outcomes will be commensurate with the intensity and length of treatment. If one critical issue is left unresolved while in drug rehab, this can set the particular person up for failure and relapse. Treating addiction can be a complicated task, as not every person has the same troubles to deal with and the same inner battles to fight. This is why the best treatment plan will assure that there is no time frame on one's drug rehab approach, and will allow each individual to take the time to handle all aspects of their own addiction at their own pace.

If you or someone you care about in Massachusetts is battling an addiction to anything, whether it is illicit street drugs, prescription drugs or any other substance of abuse, speak with a drug treatment counselor right away. Uncover which drug rehabilitation centers exist in your area and decide on one which will be the most effective for your circumstances.

Treatment Listings in Massachusetts:
  • VA Central Western Massachusetts HCS
    421 North Main Street Leeds Massachusetts, 1053
  • VA Central Western Massachusetts
    421 North Main Street Leeds MA., 1053
  • Addison Gilbert Hospital
    298 Washington Street Gloucester Massachusetts, 1930
  • Volunteers of America
    686 Massachusetts Avenue Boston MA., 2118
  • Adcare Hospital
    14 Beacon Street Boston Massachusetts, 2108
  • Harrington Hospital OP Services
    161 West Main Street Dudley MA., 1571
  • ServiceNet OP Behavioral Center
    55 Federal Street Greenfield Massachusetts, 1301
  • New Beginnings Wellness Center Inc
    1280 Main Street Worcester MA., 1603
  • Catholic Charities
    152 Sylvan Street Danvers Massachusetts, 1923
  • McLean Hospital SouthEast
    23 Isaac Street Middleboro MA., 2346
  • Baystate Medical Center
    140 High Street Springfield Massachusetts, 1199
  • Dimock Substance Abuse Trt Service
    7 Palmer Street Roxbury MA., 2119
  • ServiceNet Inc
    53-57 Beacon Street Greenfield Massachusetts, 1301
  • CHD
    367 Pine Street Springfield MA., 1105
  • ServiceNet OP Behavioral Center
    139 North Street Pittsfield Massachusetts, 1201
  • Phoenix House TSS
    130 Pine Street Holyoke MA., 1040
  • South End Community Health Center
    400 Shawmut Avenue Boston Massachusetts, 2118
  • Behavioral Health Network Inc
    30 Southwick Street Feeding Hills MA., 1030
  • Holyoke Medical Center Inc
    575 Beech Street Holyoke Massachusetts, 1040
  • CHD Outpatient Behavioral Health Servs
    489 Bernardston Road Greenfield MA., 1301
  • Cape Cod Hospital
    27 Park Street Hyannis Massachusetts, 2601
  • Casa Esperanza Inc
    263 Eustis Street Roxbury MA., 2119
  • Ellsworth Child Family Counseling Ctr
    20 Cedar Street Worcester Massachusetts, 1609
  • North Cottage Program Inc
    69 East Main Street Norton MA., 2766
  • Spectrum Health Systems Inc
    176 Main Street Southbridge Massachusetts, 1550
  • Kindred Hospital Northeast
    909 Sumner Street Stoughton MA., 2072
  • Catholic Charities
    295 Adams Street Newton Massachusetts, 2458
  • Fall River Comprehensive Treatment Ctr
    22 Front Street Fall River MA., 2721
  • CHD Outpatient Behavioral Health Servs
    131 West Main Street Orange Massachusetts, 1364
  • Phoenix Houses of New England
    5 Madison Avenue Springfield MA., 1105
  • MGH Addiction Recover Managment Servs
    151 Merrimas Street Boston Massachusetts, 2114
  • Gosnold Counseling Center
    111 Torrey Street Brockton MA., 2301
  • Bridgewell Counseling Services
    35 Market Street Lowell Massachusetts, 1852
  • Fortitude Counseling and Recovery Ctr
    69 Holmes Street Quincy MA., 2171
  • Fall River Deaconess Home School
    603 Rock Street Fall River Massachusetts, 2720
  • May Counseling at Hyland Clinic
    126 Cove Street Fall River MA., 2720
  • Community Healthcare Inc
    297 Pleasant Street Northampton Massachusetts, 1060
  • Carson Center
    96 South Street Ware MA., 1082
  • South Bay Community Services
    607 Pleasant Street Attleboro Massachusetts, 2703
  • Eliot Community Human Health Services
    95 Pleasant Street Lynn MA., 1901
  • Odonata Psychotherapy and
    258 Main Street Buzzards Bay Massachusetts, 2532
  • Thayer TSS
    12 Queen Street Worcester MA., 1610
  • CHD Outpatient Behavioral Health Servs
    179 Northampton Street Easthampton Massachusetts, 1027
  • Mount Tom Center for MH and Recovery
    417 Liberty Street Springfield MA., 1104
  • Dorchester House
    1353 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester Massachusetts, 2122
  • Whitman Counseling Center
    288 Bedford Street Whitman MA., 2382
  • South Shore Recovery Home
    10 Dysart Street Quincy Massachusetts, 2169
  • McLean Hospital
    115 Mill Street Belmont MA., 2478
  • 4 East
    140 Lincoln Avenue Haverhill Massachusetts, 1830
  • Bridgewell Counseling Services
    7 Summer Street Chelmsford MA., 1824