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Methadone Street Names

Methadone is a legal medication that is supposed to be used in the treatment, and to help with the withdrawal symptoms that one is going through when they are trying to quit use of heroin. Due to the many opiate like properties that are found in methadone, in many instances when trying to treat one addiction problem, and trying to help with withdrawal, those who are using the medication also become addicted to methadone. In many instances, someone who does become addicted will turn to illegal measures, in order to get their hands on the methadone, so that they can use it illegally, and for recreational purposes, as opposed to using it for the purpose that it is really intended for, which is to treat the withdrawal symptoms.

If you or someone you know are using methadone illegally, as a friend or family member, you have to be aware of the many methadone street names there are, so that you can spot the use and abuse problems. When you know the many different methadone street names that are thrown around, you are easily going to be able to spot the problem, confront the person who is using it, and find the right methods to go about helping them, or trying to find them different treatment options to help with the addiction problem they are dealing with. Some of the most commonly used methadone street names include:

  • methadose
  • dollies or dolls
  • done
  • meth
  • phy
  • junk
  • metho
  • jungle juice
  • phizzies
  • amidone, chocolate chip cookies
  • maria, pastora, and wafer, are some of the most commonly used terms and phrases that have been thrown around when those who are abusing, turn to illegal street vendors, in order to get their hands on the methadone that they are using and abusing.

These methadone street names are going to differ based on the region, the vendor and user, and the type of relationships that they have, when they are engaged in a transasction. And, of course there are other names that are used, in different regions, so as a family member or a friend of someone you suspect may be abusing, you do have to know these terms, so that you can confront them if you do hear them being used in any capacity, or when speaking to someone, who is potentially a dealer when they are trying to purchase the medication illegally through a street vendor.

In addition to the methadone street names, there are also certain street names for the actual use of illegal drugs and abuse of prescription medication. Some of these include:

  • pharming;
  • tweak mission;
  • paper bag;
  • author;
  • honey mooning, or piggy backing.

Again, these are some of the most commonly used terms for the use and abuse, as well as the sale and transaction of illegal drugs, but depending on the region, age of the user, and the relationship they have with their street vendor, there might also be other terms that are used when they are making a transaction for the methadone, or for any other illegal drugs that are being used.

If methadone addiction is something you are concerned with, or might believe is taking place, you do have to confront the user in order to get them the much needed help when they are abusing the medication prescription. When properly used, and taken with a prescription, methadone is a great prescription for withdrawal symptoms; but, when abused and over used, it can lead to many severe or adverse reactions, and it can lead to something very bad down the line for the individual who is using and abusing the medication drug.

Regardless of the levels of abuse, how long it has been going on, or how high the prescription dosage is, if you know someone who may be abusing, you do have to confront them, and help them get the help they need to get past the addiction. It is possible to quit, but you will need help from the highly trained professionals, and from those who know how to stop the use and abusive nature. The more you are aware, and the more help you get, the sooner you can fight the addiction problem you are dealing with.


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