• Cocaine withdrawal occurs because the body compensates for the heightened euphoria by blocking pleasure centers. This causes depression and stress and other symptoms.
  • How many drug withdrawal symptoms an individual experiences, how long they last and how severe they are can vary from person to person.
  • Antidepressant withdrawal can occur in individuals after abrupt discontinuation of an antidepressant medication that was taken for at least six weeks.
  • Underage drinking is a factor in nearly half of all teen automobile crashes, the leading cause of death among teenagers.


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Drug Rehab in Nebraska

There are various kinds of drugs that anybody can become addicted to in Nebraska. Common street drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana are no longer the only drug threats because of the significant increase of prescription drug abuse within the past several years. Newly emerging designer drugs have also grown to be a serious problem, such as the stimulant drug known as "bath salts" and synthetic variations of marijuana known as "spice" and "K2" which are being bought legally in specialty shops across the nation. Just as rates of drug use and abuse are on the rise, so are rates of individuals needing and wanting to get quality help.

Drug treatment centers in Nebraska can benefit people by not only teaching them to abstain from using drugs, but also assist them through the difficult detox and withdrawal process. After the physical element of addiction is handled, substance abuse counselors will help individuals uncover the reasons of how they became addicted to drugs in the first place, which will make sure they don't fall prey to the same traps and temptations in the future. When a person attempts to quit on their own without help, they will not only find it very hard if not impossible to not succumb to the extreme drug cravings, but they will also have to endure the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal alone, which can often be extremely punishing. If not in a drug rehabilitation facility, and with easy access to one's drug of choice, it can be easy enough to give in to relapse. This is why it is essential for individuals to know that help does exist, and there is a way out of the seemingly never-ending cycle of drug addiction.

The way to stop the cycle of addiction is to reveal and resolve the elements in one's life which made drugs a solution, and then establishing new solutions and coping skills to better deal with these factors when they arise again in the future. Some drug rehab facilities only work on the physical aspect of addiction, and leave it up to the addicted person to sort out their emotional and psychological ties to drugs. A drug detox facility or short term drug treatment facility for example usually only helps addicts overcome the physical element of addiction and gets them successfully off of drugs. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to tackle if one wants to remain clean and sober and be able to do it with self-assurance and resolve. This is why it is vital that individuals choose the kind of drug treatment program that is going to go the distance in getting all important issues addressed through education, counseling and other treatment techniques for as long as it takes to reach this point.

Because treating addiction in this way is confirmed to be the most effective drug rehab approach, people who want to receive the most effective help should receive treatment at a residential or inpatient drug rehabilitation center in Nebraska. There are many reasons why these types of rehab programs provide the most superior treatment, but first and foremost the treatment setting in itself is one of the most important elements of treatment to factor in. A drug rehabilitation facility will provide the best results when the recovering addict can fully involve themselves in treatment and self betterment. Outpatient drug treatment facilities typically don't produce desirable results and set a person up for relapse, due to the fact that they are not fully able to focus on recovery and then they return home to things which may trigger their addiction. If in an inpatient or residential drug treatment atmosphere this is of course not the case, in addition to the advantage of not having any access to drugs but having access to positive support and care around the clock.

Another element which is often a predictor of whether or not an individual will find good results through treatment at a drug rehab in Nebraska is the length of time they stay in treatment. It has been confirmed time and time again that results will be commensurate with the intensity and length of treatment. If one crucial issue is left unresolved while in drug rehab, this can set the person up for failure and relapse. Treating addiction can be a complicated task, as not everybody has the same troubles to deal with and the same inner battles to fight. This is why the best treatment plan will ensure that there is no time frame on one's drug rehab approach, and makes it possible for each particular person to take the time to address all aspects of their own addiction at their individual pace.

If you or a loved one in Nebraska is struggling with an addiction to anything, whether it is prescription drugs, illicit street drugs or any other substance of abuse, talk to a substance abuse counselor right away. Uncover which drug rehab facilities are located in your area and choose one which will be the most effective for your situation.

Treatment Listings in Nebraska:
  • Addiction Behav Health Servs Inc
    5835 North 90th Street Omaha Nebraska, 68134
  • Blue Valley Behavioral Health
    367 East Street David City NE., 68632
  • Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska
    1420 East Military Avenue Fremont NE., 68025
  • Blue Valley Behavioral Health
    1212 Ivy Avenue Crete Nebraska, 68333
  • ARCH Inc
    604 South 37th Street Omaha Nebraska, 68105
  • Mary Lanning Healthcare
    835 South Burlington Avenue Hastings NE., 68901
  • St. Monicas
    120 Wedgewood Drive Lincoln NE., 68510
  • Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
    1701 E Street Lincoln Nebraska, 68508
  • Fremont Health
    450 East 23rd Street Fremont Nebraska, 68025
  • Beneficial Behavioral Health Services
    4732 South 131st Street Omaha NE., 68137
  • Health Education and Addictions
    110 South Visiting Eagle Street Niobrara NE., 68760
  • Nebraska Mental Health Centers
    722 Court Street Beatrice Nebraska, 68310
  • South Central Behavioral Services
    701 4th Avenue Holdrege Nebraska, 68949
  • Region II Human Services
    1012 West 3rd Street Mc Cook NE., 69001
  • One World Community Health Center
    2207 Georgia Avenue Bellevue NE., 68005
  • Rainbow Center Inc
    3902 Howard Boulevard Columbus Nebraska, 68601
  • CHI Health Psychiatric Associates
    3308 Samson Way Bellevue Nebraska, 68123
  • South Central Behavioral Services Inc
    3810 Central Avenue Kearney NE., 68847
  • Bridge Inc
    907 South Kansas Street Hastings NE., 68901