• Studies indicate that women are more vulnerable than men to alcohol-induced brain damage.
  • The high prevalence of alcohol consumption in nursing homes indicates a trend toward using nursing homes for short-term alcoholism rehabilitation stays.
  • LSD use often produces vivid visual effects, and colors can seem to become more intense, and halos and rainbows may appear around various objects.
  • Medically assisted drug detoxification is only the first step of drug rehab, and in and of itself does not treat drug abuse by itself.


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Newark - Spanish

Enrolling in a Spanish speaking drug rehab program is no different than their English speaking counterparts. In fact, a majority of Spanish speaking drug treatment programs also speak English some of the time too. The staff members are usually bilingual and able to communicate effortlessly in either language. A drug rehab that provides Spanish as a language option will present their clients with all counseling (and other forms of communication), questionnaires, paperwork and educational information in both languages as required. These specialized drug treatment centers work with individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds who are committed to addressing their drug addiction problem. The staff at these treatment centers is ordinarily well versed on domestic violence, aftercare counseling and job development to help their specialized client group.