• Most users will feel heavy and drowsy within the first hour of having used magic mushrooms.
  • Magic mushrooms are classified in the U.S. as Schedule I drug, a category which includes heroin and LSD, all drugs which have a high potential for abuse and have no legitimate medical purpose in the United States.
  • The brains of Ecstasy users who experience serotonin depletion because of their Ecstasy will take a significant amount of time to restore the level of serotonin needed to perform important physiological and psychological functions.
  • The most common route of administration of crack is to smoke the lumps of crack in a two-chambered water pipe.


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Partial Hospitalization-Day Treatment - Ocean, NJ.

For those not desiring the intensive care that inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Ocean, NJ. offers but still in need of more attention than an outpatient program, partial hospitalization / day treatment is a good option. Clients are generally enrolled into this type of treatment as an avoidance measure when it comes to their substance abuse problems or as a transition back into their life in the community. Partial hospitalization / day treatment generally lasts for several hours a day (if not the entire day itself) and for several days through the week (if not the entire week). During their time in treatment individuals will likely participate in one on one counseling and group therapy in addition to other social activities to build their life skills.

  • Center for Vocational Rehabilitation
    2.1 miles from Ocean, New Jersey
    Center for Vocational Rehabilitation is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center that is located at:

    15 Meridian Road
    Eatontown, NJ. 7724

    If you would like to contact Center for Vocational Rehabilitation, you can reach them at 732-544-1800.

    Center for Vocational Rehabilitation offers the following treatment services: Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Medicaid