• Treatment for stimulant withdrawal may include a regimen of drugs that increase neurotransmitter production, due to the depression and dysphoria caused by sudden cessation of use.
  • Chronic use of opioids can result in tolerance, which means that users must take higher doses to achieve the same effects. Long-term use also can lead to physical dependence and addiction; withdrawal can occur when an individual discontinues use of the dr
  • Drug withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines are similar to that experienced in opioid withdrawal but are more intense and last longer.
  • Over 65% of separated and divorced women and almost half of separated or divorced men under the age of 46 have been exposed to alcoholism in the home at some time.


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Residential Long-Term Rehab (More Than 30 Days) - Olive Hill, Kentucky

Going to and finishing a residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days) program in Olive Hill is often the cornerstone in an addict's successful recovery from their particular struggles with drug or alcohol addiction. This form of drug rehab is a lot more intensive than others mainly because the person lives at the facility full-time for the duration of the treatment process. While many addicts are initially hesitant about going to a long-term program lasting longer than 30 days they soon realize the good benefit. A residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days) program gives the recovering person the time to completely withdrawal from drugs and focus on themselves. Shorter programs are not capable of this due to their brief duration.

  • Karens Place
    28.3 miles from Olive Hill, Kentucky
    Karens Place is a Drug Abuse Rehab Program that is located at:

    2135 Highway 1185
    Louisa, KY. 41230

    If you would like to contact Karens Place, you can reach them at 606-638-0938.

    Karens Place offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Detoxification, Halfway House, Outpatient, Residential Short-Term Treatment (30 Days Or Less), Residential Long-Term Treatment (More Than 30 Days), Persons With Co-Occurring Mental And Substance Abuse Disorders, Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Women
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Medicaid, Private Health Insurance