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Common And Rarer Percodan Effects To Know Of In Advance

There are a number of common and rarer percodan effects that may or may not affect you should you be prescribed that particular drug. There is absolutely no guarantee of you developing any of these effects yourself; however, it can still be extremely beneficial for you and others that know you to be aware of them should you be prescribed this particular drug by your doctor.

What it is used for.

Percodan is prescribed in order to relieve what is classified as being moderate to severe pain and it is a drug that is made by combining both aspirin and oxycodone. Aspirin works by reducing various substances within the body that produces pain whilst oxycodone is actually an opiate pain medicine.

Common and mild percodan effects.

A number of people may experience mild percodan effects especially when first taking the medication, but it has to be pointed out that for the majority of people it will cause no problems and there will be no need to contact a doctor or go to a hospital as a result of them. Medical help will only be required in extreme cases where the symptoms either get worse or where they persist for longer than two to three days.

Keeping this in mind, the common effects that people complain about most of all include feeling light headed, dizzy, nausea, vomiting, a general upset stomach, and also constipation. How much you will be affected by them will vary from person to person, but they are generally mild and pass once the body has got used to actually having the percodan in the system.

Rarer, but more severe percodan effects.

If you are unfortunate enough to develop any of the following rarer effects, then the advice is to call your doctor or get to a medical facility immediately as they are more severe and could lead to you developing a number of health problems.

One rather important point that has to be made is that many of the more severe effects have been observed in various trials, but there is no guarantee that the percodan itself was to blame. There is a chance that these reactions may have happened due to some underlying illness, but for safety reasons and according to the law they must be included on this list.

That being said, the effects include you developing dark stools, vomit that is darker than normal, darker urine, variations in how much urine you produce, unusual bleeding and bruising, skin becoming yellow, wheezing, problems breathing, changes to your heart beat, vision problems, difficulty hearing, confusion, hallucinating, changes to your mood or mental issues, feeling dizzy, drowsy, a general fever, chills, a constant sore throat, weakness on only one side, regular bouts of constipation, stomach pains, seizures, and bad headaches. It should also be mentioned that some people have an allergic reaction and this will tend to involve people developing a rash on their body, an itch, and swelling will happen around their mouth in which case emergency medical help will be required.

This list is rather extensive as things related to your heart beat may involve it getting faster or irregular for no specific reason. The same applies to your breathing as it may become erratic or shallow when you are not doing anything that is putting pressure on your lungs so this does mean that it may indeed be the medication that is causing the problem.

People who should not take percodan.

There are a number of occasions where you should not take percodan and in particular you should avoid it if you have a stomach complaint, if you are currently on any kind of blood thinner, or if you have some medical condition related to breathing difficulties. It is also known to cause problems to an unborn baby or a young child through breastfeeding so if you are pregnant, then do avoid taking it in order to avoid any undue harm to your child. Both aspirin and oxycodone can be passed from you to the child through breast milk and this must be avoided.

If you have any questions or concerns about taking percodan, then do consult your doctor as they will have looked at your medical history and reached the conclusion that the positives associated with taking this type of pain medication do outweigh the negatives.


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