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Percodan Statistics and Detox Treatment

A pain killer drug Percodan is a combination of oxycodone and aspirin. Percodan is a prescribed drug and is used to get relief from post operative pain. Since aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs prevent blood from clotting causing excessive bleeding, Percodan is used to prevent this condition. This drug is classified as a powerful opioid pain killer that can give immediate relief for short term pain. Sometimes it is used to fight severe pain as well. Once discontinued the effect can cause sweating, diarrhea, irritability and abdominal cramps. Taken in high dose the medication can be fatal. Percodan addiction starts as a relief for post operative pain and then becomes a habit. Addiction is treated as a reversible condition that is caused due to legitimate brain chemical imbalance.

Percodan Statistics

According to statistic Percodan Abuse costs billions of dollars annually for the government. This expenditure includes healthcare cost, loss on job wages, crime cost, traffic accidents and more. Another fact reveals 10 to 22 percent of traffic accidents are involved in the intake of drugs. It is estimated that over 6.3 million patients in the US use pain reliever drugs beyond medical use.

Risks of Percodan

Percodan was initially considered as medicine and the dangers of its narcotic effect were unknown. Only when it was learnt that it has opiate content that comes under the heroin family did the public acknowledged the hazards of the drug.

Percodan Symptoms

Regular use of Percodan can result in drowsiness, sedation, drug dependence, accidental injury, nausea, diaherria. It can also lead to depression, coma and skeletal muscle limpness when taken in overdose. Immediately consult a doctor when signs of constipation, heartburn, nausea, lightheadedness and vomiting become unbearable. Also side effects like rashes, dark urine, hallucination, seizures are common with Percodan overdose. Sometimes it leads to mental impairment. Some of the common withdrawal effects are tremors, restlessness, mood swings, shaking, chills, muscle pain and bone pain.

Long term effects of Percodan

Regular intake of Percodan can result in long term complications that lead to liver damage, kidney failure, malnutrition, over dosage and physical addiction.

Detox treatment

Detox treatment has to be done by those who have formal training in intensive care and anesthesiology. The treatment starts with advanced medical testing at accredited hospitals. It is an inpatient treatment with rapid detoxification. Some of the treatments offered are intensive psychotherapy, analysis of the patients core thinking patterns, design personalized treatment for each patient, counseling and group interaction. The center also offers after care support called retreat. Addicts who undergo post detox Percodan treatment can rest in a peaceful ambience where the patient can live in comfort, respect and dignity. Addicts in detox experience insomnia, diarrhea, cold flashes, restlessness and muscle pain.

Post detox treatment can vary from one patient to another, it includes individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, counseling, educational programming, vocational training and more. The treatment helps to put an end to permanent cravings. To increase the withdrawal procedures the addict is kept under anesthesia to accelerate withdrawal process. Though this procedure has come under the scanner for its potential dangers it is still being used by many rehab centers. Another treatment is the Methadone treatment that has long lasting effect. This is best for those addicted with opium derivative drug like Percodan. Methadone controls withdrawal symptoms and craving for the drug. This has to be done with utmost care Methadone is addictive and hence has to be used in the right proportion. This is a regular process until the drug has completely lost its effect. A patient needs to go to the clinic for regular shots of Methadone.

Suboxone is an alternative to Methadone that is being used in recent detox procedures. It can help a patient from going through drug craving and getting euphoric. In this case there is no need for regular clinic visits as the Suboxone can be administered as month-long doses. Suboxone treatment costs more when compared to Methadone treatment. This is basically prescribed to patients who have difficulty in coming to methadone clinic on a regular basis.

The major responsibility of a rehab center is to see to that the patient never uses the drug again. For this top class treatment strategies are followed with special emphasis on relapse prevention.


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