• Over 65% of separated and divorced women and almost half of separated or divorced men under the age of 46 have been exposed to alcoholism in the home at some time.
  • The ritual for snorting cocaine is to place a line of the drug about 0.3 cm wide by 2.5 cm long on a smooth surface. The powder is then inhaled quickly into a nostril through a plastic or glass straw or a rolled currency bill; a ritual which usually repeated within a few minutes using the other nostril.
  • The term "embalming fluid" is often used in reference to liquid PCP that a cigarette is dipped in, to be ingested through smoking, commonly known as "boat" or "water."
  • Research among college youth indicates that hashish use often results in poorer relationships with parents, and more associations with delinquent and drug-using friends.


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Renton - Detoxification

People who are physically reliant to drugs or alcohol and want assistance will 1st go through detox before receiving other treatment services in drug rehab. Detoxification is simply the process of the drug being removed from one's system, which is frequently uncomfortable and may hold risks if not carried out in a setting which can offer appropriate support and medical intervention as necessary. Detox services are supplied at either a professional drug or alcohol detoxification facility or a drug rehab facility which can appropriately oversee and provide medical supervision for people who are just coming off of drugs. Detox services typically include insuring the individual is as relaxed as possible while detoxing and going through drug or alcohol withdrawal, offering proper nutrition and making certain the particular person is getting proper rest, and supplying supplements and medicine as required to make the detoxification process as smooth and safe as possible. The person in detox will sometimes be encouraged to take part in some variety of physical activity such as walking, yoga, etc. At a drug detox facility or drug rehab facility which can provide detoxification services, the client will have detox staff at their disposal around the clock to guarantee that any difficulties are handled as rapidly and safely as possible.

  • Northwest Recovery Centers LLC
    Northwest Recovery Centers LLC is an Addiction Treatment Program that is located at:

    17600 Talbot Road South
    Renton, WA. 98055

    If you would like to contact Northwest Recovery Centers LLC, you can reach them at 425-254-2899.

    Northwest Recovery Centers LLC offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Detoxification, Outpatient, Dui/Dwi Offenders, Criminal Justice Clients
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Private Health Insurance, Sliding Fee Scale (Fee Is Based On Income And Other Factors)