• LSD users often report that colors are more intense and that shapes are altered while high on the drug, which is due to effects of the drug on the visual system in the brain.
  • Individuals who have used Oxycontin as prescribed may not even realize that they are experiencing withdrawal when they stop taking it, and many report thinking that they just have the flu.
  • Lortab withdrawal can occur when someone has been prescribed the drug legitimately or when someone who abuses Lortab has developed a tolerance and dependence to it.
  • The risk of overdose and liver damage is especially high when individuals mix Vicodin with alcohol or other substances.


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Halfway House - Ringgold

A halfway house is an option for a recovering drug addict that is searching for additional structure once they have finished a drug treatment program. It is a place where they can be surrounded by like-minded persons who are going through the same experience they are, recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. When you choose to stay at a halfway house (also known as sober living or recovery house) you will be required to maintain your sobriety. It is common that there will be additional rules that you will need to adhere to in order to maintain your residence at the halfway house. You may be expected to attend recovery meetings and be subjected to random drug tests to confirm your continued abstinence.

  • Council for Alcohol DA Servs Inc
    15.5 miles from Ringgold, Georgia
    Council for Alcohol DA Servs Inc is a Drug Addiction Treatment Center that is located at:

    105 Devel Lane
    Chattanooga, TN. 37405

    If you would like to contact Council for Alcohol DA Servs Inc, you can reach them at 423-756-7644.

    Council for Alcohol DA Servs Inc offers the following treatment services: Halfway House
    Payment forms accepted: