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Ritalin Street Names and How to Recognize Signs of Abuse

Ritalin is one of the most well-known prescription drugs available today. It's taken by young adults, adults, children and even seniors as well. This is prescribed for individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Since Ritalin is so readily available, many people have found ways to abuse it and gain an addiction. Unfortunately, this comes with severe consequences that can often result in death of many major health problems. Parents and anyone who knows someone who takes Ritalin should understand more about it because addiction is such a huge issue.

Being able to recognize signs of abuse can help anyone when it comes to approaching the subject and getting medical attention. This is especially important for parents who have children who take Ritalin in order to navigate through school without any problems. Abusing Ritalin is something that can turn into a huge problem for anyone no matter how young or old they are.

Ritalin Street Names

People have come up with a lot of different names for Ritalin. Learning street names can help people identify whether or not their loved ones have a problem and how severe it is. Many kids also use street names in order to cover up the pills that they are taking. Names for Ritalin will vary based on location and dealer, but here are some of the most common:

  • Diet Coke
  • Kiddy Coke
  • Kibbles and Bits
  • R Pop
  • Pineapple
  • Skippy
  • Poor Man's Cocaine
  • Coke Junior
  • Kiddy Cocaine
  • Uppers
  • Smarties
  • R Ball
  • Rids
  • West Coast

Most of these names are related to cocaine because a lot of people feel they provide the same infects when taken in specific ways. There are other names being made up all the time, so parents and loved ones should always be aware when someone is using code to talk about the pills they use. This can be one of the biggest red flags that alerts someone to Ritalin or other types of drug abuse.

In addition to Ritalin street names, it's important to know street names for Ritalin mixed with other drugs. Unfortunately these drugs are for more dangerous than Ritalin alone and can create a lot of dangerous side effects. For example, the term "speedball" refers to heroin mixed with Ritalin. Another dangerous combination is Ritalin with Talwin, which are combined and injected into the body. These can easily mimic the effects of heroin mixed with cocaine and are extremely dangerous because of how addictive they are. Names for this combination include:

  • Set
  • T's and R's
  • Poor Man's Heroin
  • Crackers

If these names come up with a child, friend or family member on a regular basis, help should be sought after immediately. Addiction to any of these can easily result in death because of an overdose. Not to mention the withdrawal symptoms are more than most people can deal with. These are especially severe in users who have a high tolerance and have taken drugs for a long time.

What to do After Seeing Signs of Abuse?

Generally speaking, rehab centers are the best choices for any individuals who have an addiction to any type of drug. These centers are equipped with medical professionals who specialize in addiction and know exactly how to treat their patients based on their abuse history and health. Not only will patients be able to get help with withdrawal symptoms, they will also be able to talk with a group and find support for when they get out.

The cost of rehab centers can be expensive, but there are a lot of grants as well as insurances that will pay for the majority of it. These are well worth looking into for anyone who does have an addiction. Not getting help for Ritalin can lead to an individual taking many other drugs and going on a downward spiral. It's up to friends and family members to help these people because they can't see that they are hurting themselves.

There are also hotline services that individuals can call to receive help. These have trained professionals working for them that can help with advice about what to do and how to find the best help out there. With all the resources made available, anyone should be able to get help for Ritalin abuse.


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