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Rohypnol Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Rohypnol is the trade name for the generic compound, flunitrazepam. It is a benzodiazepine derivative and used in the treatment of convulsions. It is mainly prescribed for the treatment of insomnia who do not respond to other drugs. But due to its powerful effects, it is mainly prescribed to inpatients only. The drug is currently considered illegal in United States and is not approved for any medical use by the FDA. However, it is available for purchase from other countries where the drug is termed legal.

Rohypnol creates a high risk of physical and psychological dependence in people who have used short term or even once. Upon repeated use, the body develops tolerance to the drug which forces the user to take higher doses of the medication to get the desired effect. This intensifies both physical dependence to the drug also withdrawal symptoms, when the person attempts to discontinue the drug abruptly. Withdrawal symptoms caused by Rohypnol are so severe that most patients require inpatient care when attempting to beat and detoxify the addiction.

Rohypnol detoxification:

Detoxification is the first step on the road of addiction treatment. This is because; physical detoxification is not sufficient to alter the pattern of a drug addict. Instead, recovery is a long process that requires the help of professionals. To make this recovery process successful, they need new tools and techniques to deal with the situation that arise.

The safest way to detoxify from the drug is through drug rehabilitation centers. This due to the fact that, Rohypnol withdrawal symptoms are so severe and are considered potentially fatal. Psychological symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions may put the patient under danger. So, due to severe withdrawal symptoms caused by the drug, Rohypnol detoxification without the assistance of drug rehabilitation centers is not safe to perform.

Rohypnol detoxification is performed in rehabilitation centers under the supervision of medical doctors and medical staffs in a safe and secured environment. Medical doctors and staffs are available at any time for the patients who need immediate treatment.

The time taken for physical withdrawal symptoms to subside varies for patient to patient. But, in most cases it may take at least 2 week time to subside. However, one may expect at least a few weeks' time for the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms caused by Rohypnol to subside. In addition, the length of time depends on the protocol that is used for detoxification. As such, for lengthier protocols that are intended to reduce as much of withdrawal symptoms, the time duration also extends longer.

Rohypnol addiction treatment:

There are several forms of Rohypnol addiction treatments available which include medications, group counselling, psychological counselling, and participation in outpatient group therapy programs. Addiction specialists and medical doctors will customize the best treatment procedure that will suit each patient. Rohypnol addiction treatment also includes a detoxification programs that are minimally symptomatic and intended to be as comfortable as possible for the patient.

For treating psychological effects caused by Rohypnol, medications such as Lorazepam may be prescribed, that will help reduce anxiety. Other medications are also prescribed to reduce psychological effects of the addiction. Physical symptoms may be treated with analgesics or nausea medicines. To minimize withdrawal symptoms, Phenobarbital is substituted for Rohypnol which is tapered gradually over a period of days or weeks. A strong social network is needed for the patient to cope up. They provide continued care and support for the patient, which may not be otherwise available.

Patients treated for Rohypnol addiction may also be treated for any other additional addictions they may have. Out-patient treatment options are also available for patients. But, for people addicted with Rohypnol, inpatient stays are recommended by the medical doctors and staffs to ensure safety of the patient.

After an initial treatment phase, people addicted with Rohypnol can participate in a 12 step program which helps them to continue overcome their addiction. Continued outpatient therapy and counselling programs also help them overcome their addiction problem long term.

Beating Rohypnol addiction is not only difficult, but also a dangerous and risky task. But, with the help of professional expertise, patients in rehab centers can finally throw off their shackles of addiction, and return to a world free of Rohypnol.


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