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Rohypnol Side Effects

Rohypnol is casually known as Roche, Circles, mind-eraser, Trip-and-Fall, Forget pill, rib or "date rape" drug. The sleeping pill is recommended for insomnia in a number of countries including Asia, Europe, South America and Mexico. However, the "United States Food and Drug Administration" do not prescribe the brand. In the United Kingdom, Rohypnol is no longer used but may be prescribed exclusively to those who require the sedative. Nonetheless, this has not affected its distribution in most countries where it is usually sold illegally.

Its casual names came about after people begun abusing the drug. It is normally added to alcohol, cocaine and marijuana, among other drugs. It is said to provide high and rapid effects to users, similar to intoxication. According to health experts, Rohypnol induces sedation, muscle relaxation, and anxiety. It effects are normally strong and leads to partial amnesia. After taking the drug, it becomes hard for one to recall what transpires while under its influence. This is detrimental, especially to victims of Rohypnol-related rape victims. It is described as one of the most addictive drug. You will find most abusers taking the drug to induce intoxication or boost the strength of other drugs.

Side effects

Rohypnol causes dizziness, drowsiness, gastrointestinal discomfort, confusion, low blood pressure, memory problems, urine retention and visual disturbances. Some users also experience excitability or aggression. What is worrying is that the drug can be administered to you without your knowledge. It is said to be odorless and tasteless and easily dissolves in carbonated drinks.

When combined with alcohol, it leads to blackouts, loss of memory and even impairs motor skills and judgment. This may lead to inhumane acts such as sexual assaults and rape. You may even be unaware that the assault took place once you regain your memory.

Rohypnol side effects can last for long. Besides, the effects are aggravated by alcoholism. Nonetheless, the effects normally depend upon the amount taken. The effects of the drug begin as fast as within 30 minutes and one can reach peak within two hours. This may persist for 8 hours or more. A person will appear drunk, display bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and lack of coordination. When used with alcohol, Rohypnol can cause aspiration, depression or even death.

Health risks

It is unlikely that Rohypnol side effects will occur when the sedative is used exclusively on its own. The effects are only evident when it is abused with cannabis and alcohol, among other drugs. Rohypnol s is dangerous because it suppresses your respiratory and the central nervous systems. Therefore, chances that you might stop breathing are always high. You might also develop stomach problems, skin rashes, vertigo, hallucinations and low libido.

Rohypnol abuse has been reported in all continents. It is snorted, ingested orally or used with other drugs. Adults are the most affected population, although cases of abuse are increasingly gaining momentum among the youths. A tablet can cost as low as low as $5 in the black market, which makes the drug more accessible. There is also a misconception that it is impossible to detect Rohypnol through urine tests.

However, you should be are aware that Rohypnol is not the only drug that is associated with cases of sexual assault and violence. Other drugs such as Gamma-hydroxybutrate are used in some continents as well. Nonetheless, you should always be alert to ensure you do not become a victim of circumstance. Never accept drinks from a person you do not trust or you do not know very well. It is also not advisable to leave a drink unattended, probably to visit the washroom.

Besides, take an immediate action to notify the relevant authorities anytime you suspect you have become a victim. Although Roche Company, which manufactures the drug has revised its formula so that it changes color once mixed with a drink, counterfeit versions are still available in the market.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms of Rohypnol includes irregular heartbeat, muscle spasms, nightmares, panic attacks, diarrhea, change in perception, blurred vision, aches, flatulence, abdominal discomfort, anxiety and thoughts to commit suicide.

Rohypnol can always be detected through urine test. However, this is only possible after 60 hours of its ingestion. Health experts argue that it is difficult to detect Rohypnol, especially when in low concentrations. Besides, it is cleared fast from the body.


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