• Depression is a common withdrawal symptom that long-time amphetamine users will experience after cessation of use.
  • Medical and professional drug treatment counselors should be on hand through withdrawal to monitor the physical condition of the individual throughout the detoxification procedure.
  • The most typical marijuana users among high school aged youth in the U.S. are 11th and 12th graders.
  • Studies of secondary schools indicate that students in the 8th grade regularly report the highest rate of past year, current, and lifetime inhalant use.


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Methadone Detoxification - Santa Rosa

Methadone detoxification can be a very uncomfortable and taxing experience. Symptoms usually begin between twenty-four and forty-eight hours after the user's last dose of the drug. Common symptoms include: stomach cramps, nausea, sweating, tremors, extreme opiate cravings, irritability, sneezing, chills, anxiety, paranoia, fuzzy-headedness, hallucinations and clinical depression. Additionally, methadone withdrawal symptoms will last much longer than heroin withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the dose of methadone and how long the person has been using methadone, the symptoms can last for several weeks to several months. Professionals in the field of methadone detoxification typically advise the gradual decrease of the drug over a period of time instead of completely stopping all at once.

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