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Signs Of Adderall Addiction

Knowing the signs of Adderall addiction is important. Continue to read on to find out some of the signs a person may show when they have an addiction to Adderall.

Improper Use Of Adderall

One of the most common signs of an Adderall addiction is improper use of it. Often, people will take a larger amount of Adderall than what they are supposed to. Another very common sign is that people use it without getting a prescription first. People are supposed to take Adderall orally, and when they take it in a way that it was not intended to take, such as snorting, then this is a sign of an addiction to it.

Physical Tolerance

Physical tolerance is another sign of an addiction to the drug. A lot of people who are addicted to the drug may use large amounts of it in order to feel the same effect that they previously felt when they took a lesser amount.

Extreme Mental Dependence

People who are prescribed Adderall and take it as directed will usually not be upset or bothered when they have to wait to take their dosage. However, a person who is addicted to Adderall will usually have a very hard time dealing with not having access to the drug. Many addicts even find it difficult to go without the drug for a short amount of time, and they often get very anger and upset when they do not have access to the drug. Addicts typically have very intense cravings for the drug when they feel the urge to want to use it.

Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person is addicted to Adderall and they suddenly stop taking it, they will get "Adderall Withdrawal" symptoms, which are physical withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms a person may experience are fatigue, depression and even changes in heart rhythm, such as pounding or very fast heartbeat. Some people who experience Adderall withdrawal symptoms will also suffer from nausea and vomiting, as well as feeling very weak. Other symptoms include cramps or pain. Many people experience pains in their chest, and they may feel weakness in their arms and/or legs.

Life Interference

When people have an addiction to Adderall, then they need more of the drug than what their doctor prescribes them. This often means that a huge chunk of their life revolves around getting more and more Adderall for them to use. Many people who have an addiction to the drug will spend a lot of their energy and time trying to get more of it. The preoccupation with the drug often interferes with a person's job, relationships and their ability to function properly.

Sleep Problems

Sleeping problems is another common sign that a person has an addiction to Adderall. People who take Adderall, and abuse it, will usually have a very hard time staying asleep and getting to sleep. Their sleep patterns are also not normal or consistent. Feeling restless is another sign of being addicted to the drug.

Speech Problems

One of the signs of Adderall addiction is speech problems. Many people find that they have a difficult time speaking when they have an addiction to the drug. Some people find that their speech is slow. Speech problems one of the most common signs of an addiction to Adderall.

Skin Problems

A person will usually suffer from some skin problems when they are addicted to the drug. Some of these problems include breaking out with a rash on the body, and some people break out with hives. In extreme cases some people's skin will blister or even peel off. Other people experience swelling of the skin.

Vision Problems

Other signs of an Adderall addiction is problems with vision. Blurry vision is one of the vision problems that people may experience. Some people even experience an overall change in their vision.

The above signs are just some of the signs are just a few signs that a person who is addicted to Adderall may show, but they are the most common signs that a person may show. If anybody shows any of the above signs, and they are taking Adderall, then it is best for them to look into getting professional help for their addiction.


  • Research indicates that separated and divorced men and women are three times as likely as married men and women to report having been married to an alcoholic or problem drinker.
  • Juvenile justice systems report that nearly 56 percent of the boys and 40 percent of the girls test positive for drug use at the time of their arrest.
  • More PCP users die from suicide while high on the drug than from any physiological effects on the central nervous system.
  • Someone using Ambien users may falsely appear to be totally in control, while actually asleep and not in control at all which can bring about concerns about their safety and the safety of others.