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Evident Signs Of Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone is a prescription pain-killer drug that leads to a feeling of euphoria in the patient who uses this medication. Since this drug is opiate based, it causes addiction in many users. In most cases, the users do not develop addiction to hydrocodone out of their own will. They consume the drug under medicinal guidance, but gradually become addicted to it. However, overcoming the addiction is quite easy and it simply requires determination and a strong will power on the part of the addict.

Also, observing the warning signs of Hydrocodone addiction are imperative as it can assist in taking care of the addict appropriately. Here are few common hydrocodone addiction signs that can aid in understanding when it is time to seek some help.

Signs Of Hydrocodone Addiction:

More Drugs than Required:

The ones who are addicted to hydrocodone often tend to hoard themselves with more drugs than required. They start asking for more pills stating traveling as a reason. Additionally, a lot of addicts reveal augmented level of anxiety even before their stock of drugs runs out. They may also frequently complain of losing, forgetting or misplacing the prescription in order to obtain a new prescription that can help them in buying more drugs. Family members and friends may commonly notice that the addicts stash themselves with the drug by storing it in different packages or bottles.

Tolerance Rate:

The addicts often have a high tolerance for pain-killers. It is an obvious sign that they have become an addict. They increasingly start taking more hydrocodone to fabricate the initial sense of euphoria.

Repeated Change in Doctor:

One of the most common signs of hydrocodone addiction is changing doctors, which is also referred to as doctor shopping. The addict begins looking for new physicians to acquire multiple drug prescriptions. They visit new physicians to get prescriptions for hydrocodone drug so that they can visit different medical stores to purchase their supply of drug. Also, they typically purchase the drugs for cash, in order to hide their illegitimate actions from the insurance companies.

Personality Changes:

Hydrocodone addiction is often accompanied with personality changes. The initial level of personality change is associated with the overdose of the drug, which leads to mood swings and mental health alterations. The addicts may also become less stable in their disposition or clearly exhibit low and high moods as and when the drug takes effect and wears off. However, these signs become uncommon with regular use. Nevertheless, the increasing obsession with getting hold of the drug often leads to personality changes such as hostile and aggressive behavior.

Behavioral Changes:

Also along with personality changes, once can observe many behavioral changes linked to the signs of hydrocodone addiction. The addict will start stealing, lying and acting dishonestly to get more pills. They tend to run out of cash by spending all their money on the drug. Moreover, they fail to provide a reasonable reason for their increase in expenditure. They start avoiding their family and friends and seek new social circle that indulges in drug intake activities. Furthermore, hydrocodone addicts become aloof of their responsibilities at home and workplace due to their obsession with drug usage.

Physical Signs:

Physical warning signs of hydrocodone addiction includes excessive agitation and anxiety, constricted pupils, extreme case of drowsiness and lethargy including insomnia, a sense of ecstasy and euphoria, inability to focus, agitation, frequent constipation, feelings of lightheadedness or dizziness, restlessness, nausea usually followed by vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, involuntary leg movement, trouble urinating etc.


Recurrent illness most likely caused by a weakened immune system, is a distinctive effect of hydrocodone abuse. Also, since hydrocodone contains acetaminophen it leads to liver damage which is also an evident sign of severe overuse.

Often the physicians are the first to intervene with hydrocodone addiction. Addicts that abuse the drug prescription often get caught while acquiring new prescriptions from different physicians, long before a drug refill is due. A physician's office may confront an addict for suspicious drug usage and deal with the issue. In addition, family members who suspect that their loved ones are abusing hydrocodone can also intervene by seeking the assistance of an addiction counselor. An intervention of hydrocodone addiction can aid an addict in obtaining the right guidance and assistance they need to overcome the addiction successfully.


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