• Most heroin sold on the street sell is in the form of a powder, which varies in color from white to dark brown because of additives and impurities.
  • Over 75% of eighth graders, 83% of tenth graders, and 73% of high school seniors in the U.S. surveyed in 2008 reported that using heroin occasionally without a needle was a great risk.
  • Rates of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome amongst Blacks are seven times higher than their White counterparts, although more Blacks than Whites abstain from drinking.
  • Some Ativan may have a lack of recall and in some cases full blown amnesia because of the effects of the drug.


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Payment Assistance (Check with facility for details) - Stockton, California

The expense for drug addiction treatment in Stockton is frequently far more than many addicts are able to afford. Many drug addicted individuals put off getting the help they need because they feel that they are unable to afford treatment. There are many drug treatment programs that offer payment assistance (check with facility for details) for clients with lower income levels. The only way to know if you meet the requirements for any type of payment assistance is to contact the drug treatment facility directly and communicate with their billing/financial department. They will be able to go over all the options readily available and work with you directly on setting up a payment plan that functions for both you and the rehab.