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Suboxone Addiction Treatment - How To Overcome That Addiction

If you have developed an addiction towards the drug suboxone, then there are well known methods and techniques that can help you to overcome the problem before you run the risk of developing a series of medical conditions that may have a long-term affect. It is important that both the physical as well as the psychological side is tackled at the same time in order to increase the chances of successfully overcoming the problem with more information on how this is achieved mentioned below.

Suboxone is a drug that is prescribed to people in order to help them overcome an opiate addiction and it is made by combining both buprenorphine and naloxone. The way it works is that the buprenorphine produces something similar to the high that the person experiences with the opiate without it being as addictive as the likes of heroin whilst naloxone blocks the actual effects of the opiate and can then stop them from suffering the same withdrawal symptoms as they normally would.

Suboxone addiction treatment.

Even though it is designed to help people with addiction problems it is possible to become addicted to this drug when it is abused and taken on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time. It may be injected by some people when it is mixed with other tranquilizers and at this point it does become a major problem and professional medical and psychological help will be required in order to overcome the addiction.

The actual signs of addiction to suboxone are identical to those that are seen with addiction to other opiate medication such as heroin; however, it may also include the person shopping around trying to get more of the drug from different doctors, taking the drug outwith the normal reasons, taking it more often than is allowed, and also episodes of being ill and being irritated for a day or two until they can get their fix of the drug once again.

The actual treatment has to involve two distinctive parts as the psychological dependency has to be addressed as do the different withdrawal symptoms that will occur as the drug leaves the system. This is not something that should really be attempted alone and you are advised to contact an actual rehab center and undergo detox under their supervision.

Treatment for this addiction may tend to involve the person gradually having the amount of the drug they take on a daily basis reduced over a period of time as this limits the withdrawal symptoms that can often be quite severe with them being one of the main reasons why people fail to beat the addiction. This is one reason why the addict may be in rehab for up to three months as going cold turkey with this particular drug tends to have the same effects as going cold turkey with drugs such as morphine or heroin. By going to rehab the physical effects of reducing the amount of the drug that is being taken can be observed and the depression and anxiety that often occurs can also be dealt with in order to make the time easier for the patient.

As with any addiction there is the psychological side to it as well as the physical so during rehab there will be a lot of therapy work both individually as well as in a group in much the same manner as there tends to be with other addictions and not just those that involve other opiates. Work has to be undertaken to break the need to take the drug and it will involve various steps that are aimed to prevent the person falling back into the addiction further down the line in accordance with other addiction such as alcohol and drugs.

Suboxone addiction treatment is successful, but it can take several months to fully overcome the problem depending on how long the patient has been addicted for. The approach that is used is identical to how people are treated for addiction to drugs such as heroin and there are higher success rates when the person is in a rehab center and is kept away from the outside world until the habit is broken and their depression and anxiety issues are also treated to prevent them from slipping back into the addiction once they leave the confines of rehab.


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