• Injecting methamphetamine creates an intense and rapid which users often seek to recapture as soon as it begins to fade, which can result in binging on the drug for days.
  • Intravenous heroin users typically experience a heroin rush within just a few seconds after injection.
  • The abuse of prescription drugs such as OxyContin is responsible for a great deal of health care fraud, such as corrupt physicians writing prescriptions for OxyContin for nonexistent injuries. The patient in this circumstance will often use a portion of the prescribed pills and then sell the rest for a substantial profit.
  • The rise in demand for diverted prescription drugs in the U.S. has also come with an increase in crime associated with its misuse.


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Payment Assistance (Check with facility for details) - Valdosta

The price for drug addiction treatment in Valdosta is generally far more than many addicts are able to pay for. Many drug addicted individuals put off getting the help they need because they feel that they are unable to afford treatment. There are many drug rehab programs that offer payment assistance (check with facility for details) for clients with lower income levels. The only way to know if you qualify for any type of payment assistance is to get in touch with the drug rehab facility directly and speak with their billing/financial department. They will be able to go over all the selections accessible and work with you directly on setting up a payment plan that operates for both you and the rehab.

  • Volunteers of America Southeast Inc
    Volunteers of America Southeast Inc is a Drug Abuse Treatment Program that is located at:

    118 West Hill Avenue
    Valdosta, GA. 31601

    If you would like to contact Volunteers of America Southeast Inc, you can reach them at 229-896-1522.

    Volunteers of America Southeast Inc offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Outpatient, Persons With Co-Occurring Mental And Substance Abuse Disorders, Criminal Justice Clients
    Payment forms accepted: Payment Assistance (Check With Facility For Details)