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Adderall Addiction Treatment

Adderall is a drug that is usually prescribed by doctors to treat ADHD in children, teens and adults. However, adderall is one of the prescription drugs in the United States that is being continuously abused. Many teens and adolescents usually use adderall to help them in their academic studies. The adults and some teens however use the drug because it acts as a stimulant and the euphoric feeling that the drug produces. Abusing adderall is very dangerous just like the abusing of the other drugs.

Classification of Adderall

Adderall can be classified to a group of drugs that are referred to as composite. This means that this drug combines different elements of at least two specific drug types. This drug has been on market for over two decades. When it first hit the pharmacies, this drug was prescribed by the doctors as a suppressant for diet. The drug then later evolved as an effective medication for the adults, teens and children that were suffering from attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Adderall has the amphetamine ingredient. This ingredient makes this drug very addictive and can therefore be abused when taken outside the prescribed dosages.

Potential Adderall Addicts

The students in high school and institutions of higher learning are the most vulnerable as far as the abuse of this drug is concerned. Most of the students that abuse this drug use it when they prepare for examinations. They believe that adderall will help them cram the examination answers. Students are usually under a lot of pressure to maintain their high grades. Most students believe that by taking this drug the stimulating effect of this drug will make then stay awake all night long as they prepare for the examinations.

This explains why the abuse of adderall is rife in students. Adderall is easily accessible across many pharmacies which means the temptation to abuse the drug is much greater. Initially our human body usually becomes hooked up with the stimulating effects of drug. The continuous use of this drug can lead to the psychological or emotional dependency. Emotional dependency is when a drug addict has a feeling that he cannot perform some tasks without inducing his body with the drug.

The Risks of Teen Addiction

Research conducted in various institutions of higher learning in the United States showed that most of the teenage students abused this drug especially during the examination period. The study showed that the teens abuse this drug so that they can maintain their jobs, get involved in the extracurricular activities and keep up with their school work. Adults similarly abuse this drug for similar reasons. Adults who are under duress and pressure usually abuse this drug so that they stay awake and maintain their concentration for a longer period of time.

Adderall Treatment Options

Just like the other addictive drugs, adderall can be treated in a number of ways. The most recommended option is the inpatient care. The inpatient care refers to the treatment method employed whereby a drug addict is allowed to live away from the environment that caused the addiction. This may be away from school, home or a place of work. This provides the drug addict with the chance to detox as he undergoes therapy.

The other treatment option is referred to as the outpatient treatment. The outpatient care alternative does not remove patients from the environment that may have led to the abuse of the drug. Outpatient care allows the drug addict commit themselves to recovery by regularly attending the sessions at the treatment facility.

Adderall addiction withdrawal effects

The adderall drug is used as a stimulant to increase the various functions of the body. Some of the effects of adderall include increasing the breathing rates, raising the blood pressure and increasing the heart rate. As a detox it is important that the detoxification be done under the supervision of medical experts so that appropriate steps can be taken when abnormalities occur with the detoxification process. Some of the withdrawal effects of the drug include depression, anger, mood swings, appetite change, lethargy and anger.

Managing the withdrawal symptoms

There are some doctors that prescribe some medication to counter some of the effects of the adderall effects. Many doctors may prescribe anti anxiety or antidepressant to help the drug addicts' deal with hopelessness and sadness.


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