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Help with Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse causes many devastating consequences for those who abuse booze and for society at large. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are the cause of many problems in society today including major health concerns as well as social concerns such as criminal violence and other disturbing crimes such as spousal and child abuse. Alcohol abuse destroys the lives of not just the abuser but many others, and it is important to recognize when there is a problem and get it addressed effectively with the help of an alcohol rehab program.

Alcohol is a drug like any other, and is in fact the most abused drug on the planet. Simply because it is legal doesn't make it any less harmful to one's body and mind than other illegal drugs of choice or prescription drugs which are often abused. Alcohol is so accessible and society at large doesn't stigmatize its use as with other drugs, making it seem as though it is acceptable to abuse and misuse even though the consequences of its abuse are so evident. There are many "casual" and "social" drinkers who justify alcohol abuse, and it has really become such a social norm that it can sometimes be difficult to conclude whether or not there is a problem.

The fact of the matter is, it is not difficult to identify a problem with alcohol abuse, one simply has to be honest with oneself and look at the facts. If someone's drinking habits and patterns have reached a point where they abuse alcohol to the point of binge drinking, constant poor decision making, putting alcohol above other responsibilities and productive activities, drinking which results in intoxication to the point of violence or other criminal acts, blacking out, etc. then the problem is evident. This can very quickly spin out of control and result in many consequences; it doesn't take a life-long drinking habit for these consequences to become a reality. Although, chronic alcohol abuse is responsible for many debilitating illnesses present in society today, all of which can be avoided if individuals seek the help they need before it reaches this point.

If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol abuse and wants or needs help, an alcohol rehab program is going to be your best bet at receiving the help you need. If the help is for yourself, simply contact a professional treatment counselor who will tell you everything you need to know about what to expect in treatment and how to get started right away. If the help is needed for a friend or loved one, a professional treatment counselor at an alcohol rehab can help you through the steps needed to get the individual started in treatment. This may even include convening an alcohol intervention as needed with family, friends and possibly the assistance of a professional interventionist to help them recognize they have a problem so they can get help.

Treating alcohol abuse is not necessarily a complicated process, but one which must be undertaken by alcohol rehab programs with staff that understand the challenges involved and who are trained and specialize in this type of abuse. For example, when someone becomes dependent to alcohol and suddenly stops drinking they will often go through what is known as withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal in particular can be life threatening, and may results in seizures and other serious complication, some of which may result in death. It isn't wise to undergo this process on one's own, another important reason to seek the help of an alcohol rehab program instead of trying to quit cold turkey. It's just not worth the risk. While detoxing from alcohol and going through withdrawal, professional treatment counselors at an alcohol rehab program can oversee the individual's progress and provide medical and other support as needed to ensure that this is a safe and smooth process.

Once the individual is ready to focus on their treatment, professional treatment counselors at an alcohol rehab will work with the individual through education, counseling and other treatment methods to help them discover what prompted their alcohol abuse. This can be a myriad of things and each person has their own unique and particular reasons for abusing alcohol, but there are many tools and treatment methods at their disposal to resolve any of these issues so that they can free themselves from the cycle of alcohol abuse for good.

The most effective treatment environment for individuals struggling with alcohol abuse are going to be residential and inpatient alcohol rehab programs which require a long enough stay to fully resolve all underlying issues which if not addressed could cause a relapse once they are released. Programs which require at last a 90 day stay are proven to be the most effective and should be considered above more short term 30 day alcohol rehab programs. Contact a professional treatment counselor at an alcohol rehab and get started in treatment today.


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