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Help With Meth Addiction

Meth is short for the street drug methamphetamine, a stimulant drug which is highly addictive and is one of the biggest drugs of concern in terms of abuse in the nation. The drug is made primarily in makeshift laboratories using common household agents and chemicals and other substances which can be easily obtained over the counter at any pharmacy in America. Aside from the fact that meth addiction is a serious problem, the production of the drug also presents a problem due to the fact that meth labs are known to explode without any warning, resulting in serious injuries and death. Despite the risks, the fact that it is easy to manufacture and will easily sell makes it an easy business for individuals who want to make serious amounts of cash.

Meth can be administered a variety of ways, each route resulting in a different intensity of high and outcome. When meth is snorted or taken in pill form for example, the high can last up to twelve hours. Smoking or injecting the drug results in a high which is more profound and immediate, but may not last as long. Crystal meth is meth which looks similar to crystal chunks or small glass fragments. This form of meth is typically smoked in a glass pipe like crack or it can be injected. Crystal meth is a much more potent version of the drug, and its use results in a more intense and longer lasting high than the powdered version of the drug. Most meth users start out inhaling or smoking the drug, but usually wind up injecting it because of the almost immediate and intense gratification.

No matter how meth is administered however, it is highly addictive. Someone who doesn't yet comprehend how powerful the drug is may take it experimentally just once, and then become hooked almost instantly. This is because a meth high is unlike any other, and results in an almost immediate sense of euphoria and a serious boost in energy. Users are fooling their bodies and minds into thinking that they have limitless stamina. This is all taking place while in fact critical energy reserves are being misused. So after the meth high, users often experience serious bouts of depression and physical deterioration and mental deterioration. This causes them to use meth again, and again and again. Some meth users will literally go for days on end without sleep or sustenance to experience the high over and over again.

There are many side effects and consequences which will inevitably occur as a result of meth use. Like any other drug which is injected, individuals who choose to inject meth put themselves risk contracting life threatening diseases such as HIV and other blood borne illnesses, as well abscesses at injection sites which can lead to infection and other dangerous side effects. The toxic chemicals used to produce meth also result in side effects, such as the lead acetate often used to produce the drug which can cause acute lead poisoning. Metals and certain salts used in meth production can cause cancer, respiratory problems and anemia. Other common side effects include elevated blood pressure, hyperthermia, increased respiration, aggressive and violent behavior, severe insomnia which can last for days, suicidal thoughts, heart problems and psychosis and paranoia. Another very common side effect is what is referred to as "meth mouth", which is complete oral and dental deterioration as a result of smoking the toxic drug.

Being addicted to meth is no way to live. Unfortunately however, individuals who become addicted to the drug will most often not be able to stop using it without help. At an effective drug rehab, treatment professional will start off with a thorough drug detoxification. Following detox, treatment will include both individual and group counseling to help them gain a better understanding of his or her addiction and identify the "triggers" that may cause his or her drug use. Once common triggers are identified, the individual can develop new skills and behaviors and learn new ways of coping with them. Treatment counselors will focus on helping the individuals see past the immediate and intense "release" caused by meth, and focus more on the negative consequences that will inevitably follow. The individual is then encouraged to develop more workable coping mechanisms so that they are able to stay off of meth once treatment is complete. The most successful drug rehab programs for meth addiction are residential or inpatient programs which require at least a 90 day stay. Contact a drug rehab program to get the help that you or someone else needs help for meth addiction today.


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