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Help with Drug Addiction

Getting help with drug addiction provides addicted persons with the skills and education they need to stop using drugs and begin down the road to recovery. It can be a confusing process but getting the help that you or your loved one needs to stop abusing drugs and live a life of sobriety will have a lasting impact on the addict's life and the lives of those who care about them. While the vast majority of people in the world are unfamiliar with drug abuse, dependence and addiction it is important for the drug addict and those who care about them to understand the process of drug addiction and what is involved in the recovery process. As a result, the person needing treatment will be able to make an educated choice in which type of drug rehab program is appropriate for them.

Drug addiction is known to be a complex problem characterized by compulsive and often uncontrollable drug cravings, drug seeking and drug use. The addict will persist in these self-destructive ways despite the many negative consequences that arise along the way. For the addict, drug seeking becomes an overwhelming compulsion. This is due to the changes that the drugs have on the user's brain. Over time, their continual drug use affects their ability to regulate their mood and self-control. For the majority of drug addicts, their drug use becomes chronic with drug relapse possible even after long periods of sobriety. Without help for drug addiction, the addict is doomed to repeat the cycle of craving, seeking and abuse over and over again.

There are many factors that determine how quickly a person will become addicted to a specific drug. While not every person who abuses drugs develops an addiction problem, a majority of drug users do. Biology plays a significant role in determining whether a person will become an addict or not. While having drug and alcohol addiction run in the family is an indicator that you are more susceptible to addiction, it is not written in stone. The gender, age, ethnicity, mental health, environment and social surroundings also play a part in determining whether a person will become an addict.

For those who suspect that their loved one has a problem with drug addiction there are a few key points to watch for. Have they changed their friends, social circle or stopped seeing friends completely and turned inward? Do they have money problems where once they seemed to be financially stable? Have they lost their job or stopped going to school? Many addicts change their appearance whether it is on purpose to fit in with new drug using friends or by the sheer fact that their drug use causes changes in their physical appearance (weight loss, pallor, tired and/or unkempt looking). While these are not a sure sign of drug addiction they are often indicators of a serious problem. If you are looking to help with drug addiction problems it is important that you speak with your loved one. Make it clear that you care about them and are concerned for their wellbeing. This can open up the dialog about their drug use and help put them on the path to thinking about getting treatment.

For the drug addict to begin to receive help with drug addiction they need to admit to themselves that they have a problem. While you can lead a horse to water you can't make it drink; the same goes for a drug addict. You can encourage your loved one to get the help they need but if they do not believe that they have a problem with drugs then they are not going to get any great benefit from treatment. Forcing an addict to go into treatment when they do not want it often ends with the loved ones feeling disappointed when the addict returns to their old ways. The addict in turn doesn't understand why they had to enter treatment to begin with and often becomes defensive and distant from those who were only trying to help them.

On the other hand, when the drug addict is ready to get help for drug addiction the results that can be achieved are life changing. Even addicts who have a long history of drug addiction can find recovery to be rewarding and beneficial. It is not an easy process, and even harder for those who have close to a lifetime under the influence but it is possible. Working through one's addiction problem in drug rehab is the greatest gift a person can give themselves. The chance to live their life without being chained down by drug addiction, the ability to thrive and face life head on, no drugs necessary to "solve" their problems or hold them back. The recovered addict is able to stand on their own two feet, face the world and make positive changes in not only their lives but the lives of those around them.


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