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Signs Of Adderall Overdose

An overdose of any medication can be very dangerous. Adderall overdose for some people happens by accident and there are other people that have been known to abuse Adderall in many different ways.

Adderall is a very highly addictive drug and it is habit forming. When individuals start consuming this medication or drug without the prescription from a doctor then overdose can happen very quickly.

There are many consequences to an Adderall overdose. Adderall you need to seek medical attention immediately. One of the main things that this drug can cause is heart failure. Even children that have been prescribed this medication and are being monitored by their doctor have died from this medication.

Consequences of Adderall Overdose

Heart failure is just one of the consequences of an overdose of this drug that has been found. Some others include blood clots that can be deadly, heart attacks as well as other issues with the circulatory system.

Lasting Damage

There are some people that have survived an overdose of Adderall but still did not come out of it unharmed. Since Adderall has a chemical nature the prolonged use and abuse of this drug can alter the individual's personality and behavior. This means that a person could possibly have suicidal thoughts and or actions. So just because a person does not die from the overdose does not mean that damage has not been done.

Signs of An Adderall Overdose

There are many side effects that people have experienced while taking Adderall. Not all side effects have been reported. When it comes to an overdose individual may experience severe forms of these side effects. These include burning or pain with urination; heartbeat that is uneven, pounding or fast; extreme sad or happy feelings; twitches of the muscles or tremors. These are just some of the things that can occur. These can occur when the medication is taken properly but they can be much more severe when an overdose has occurred. If overdose is suspected medical attention is needed immediately. The sooner you get medical attention the less damage will likely occur.

Other Side Effects

These less severe side effects may also occur with Adderall. These may be less severe but can be bothersome just the same. These include blurred vision, headaches, weakness as well as dizziness. Loss of appetite can also be experienced in some patients. These are just some of the other side effects that you may notice. When it comes to an overdose, these side effects can become severe.

Preventing Overdoses

One of the best ways to prevent an overdose is to only take the medication if it is prescribe to you. Also you only need to take it as directed. There are many people that will miss a dose and think that they need to double the next dose to stay on track. This should not be done, if a dose is missed just pick up at the next scheduled dosing time.

More Information

If you need more information on Adderall overdosing the internet is a great place. It is best though that you talk with your doctor. They can give you a vast of valuable information that can greatly help you in your time of need.

Make sure that if you are not prescribed this medication then you should not take it. This is because without proper dosing and monitoring this can be a dangerous drug for many people. One main reason for this is there are a lot of drug interactions that can occur with certain medications in combination of the Adderall and only a doctor can tell you what these are.

So it does not matter if the overdose was an accident or not, seeking medical attention is very important. This will reduce the damage that is done to the body from the overdose of Adderall. Remember the different side effects to look for so that you can tell the medical professional exactly what is going on. Make sure that you inform the doctor of any of medications that you are taking just in case there are any interactions that are taking place along with the effects of the overdose. Staying informed on drug overdosing is critical to the health of your body.


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