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The Imagery of Crystal Meth Pictures

Among the most disturbing images one could ever look at would be crystal meth pictures. The photographs clearly display the horrors of drug addiction and show how damaging the long term effects of using crystal methamphetamine are. The pictures are commonly shocking and can even be repulsive. However, it is important to be aware these photos are of human beings suffering from the mental and physical disease of drug addiction. These people deserve sympathy and understanding and not scorn.

What is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine (Meth) is a Schedule II drug that acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system. It is somewhat similar to amphetamines but there are certain differences in its structure and composition. While it is true that this drug can be acquired via a prescription, most become addicted to the street form of it. Street methamphetamine comes in the form of a crystal powder which is usually smoked or snorted. The drug can also be injected creating risks of infections and contracting HIV. Meth is known for its enormously high potential for abuse and addiction. Once addicted to the drug, the only way to safely quit would be to go through a medical drug rehab and treatment program.

The Physical Effects of Using Crystal Methamphetamine

What makes crystal meth pictures so difficult to look at would be the fact they clearly display the toll the drug will take on the body physically. Long term use will reflect serious damage. However, even short term use can have dire effects.

These physical effects include the following:

  • Significant weight loss is possible due to the lack of appetite one will have when using this stimulant. This is not a healthy type of weight loss. It is significant weight loss which presents a very sickly and weakened appearance.
  • The lack of sleep the drug causes will lead to a tired, worn out and burned out look. Often, a person that suffers from an addiction to this drug will end up appear much older than his or her real age. In fact, a person could look a full decade or more older.
  • Meth use can cause the teeth to fall out. This is referred to as "meth mouth" and it is one of the surest signs of addiction.
  • The arms and legs can show signs of severe infection or ulceration due to injecting the drug.

All of these physical signs become highlighted when photographs are taken of a person that suffers from methamphetamine addiction. While somewhat difficult to look at, there is educational value in these pictures.

Examining the Pictures

Looking at crystal meth pictures is not a pleasant experience because all the physical ravages of the drug are revealed. Of course, those involved in the medical profession will need access to such pictures since it provides a visual basis for clinical study. Questions arise regarding whether or not it really necessary for such pictures to be made available to the public? The answer is yes since these pictures do help educate the public about the dangers of this harmful stimulant. Photo images of those that suffer from crystal meth addiction can be found on the internet and in magazines. They are even presented on posters offered for sale. In some instances, these pictures come with very crude sayings warming those considering using meth about the dangers.

Concerns have been raised about the exploitive nature of these pictures. It is true some picture have been released in an exploitive way. However, a number of shocking images do offer a cautionary tale reflecting what can occur when addicted to meth. Photos showing before and after pictures of how a person physically and mentally deteriorates after using the drug will not hide its effects. Once the person seeing the pictures becomes suitably shocked, the psychological impact sets in. Namely, many individuals will not want anything to do with using meth once they see the pictures. Often, shock is the only way to get the needed reaction out of teenagers that may dismiss verbal warnings about the dangers of the drug.

Nothing has a stronger impact on the psyche than a strong visual images. The honest depictions in the crystal meth pictures deliver a strong image with the potential to influence the person viewing them. While controversial, these pictures do have a positive effect in terms of raising awareness about drug use.


  • It is against the law to possess or to traffic GHB in the United States or in Canada.
  • Like all prescription opioids, use of Percocet carries a high risk of abuse, dependence and addiction for both legitimate and illicit users.
  • Individuals who abuse drugs may be more vulnerable to infection, and both drug effects and withdrawal symptoms may mask the need for urgent treatment for another condition.
  • Providing Americans with a safe and convenient way to dispose of unused prescription drugs will help prevent diversion and abuse, and help to reduce the introduction of drugs into the environment.