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Effects Of Dilaudid

If you suffer pain that is moderate or severe your physician may prescribe a prescription for Dilaudid. This medication is listed by the federal drug administration as being a controlled substance. This classification is because of the Dilaudid effects that many people have experienced and reported to their doctors. When you are in pain it is completely understandable that you want relief from the pain. However, care is needed anytime you are prescribed a pain relieving medication as the effects can differ between individuals.

Before taking Dilaudid you should inform all of your doctors of both prescribed and over the counter medicines you take, even if you only take some of the store bought medications occasionally. This is imperative because Dilaudid effects can be strengthened with some medications. Additionally, some medications when taken in conjunction with Dlaudid can cause allergy symptoms.

Dilaudid Effects:

Dilaudid is a prescription narcotic prescribed for moderate or severe pain. It is highly addictive and can cause some very serious effects or even death. If you are given a prescription for Dilaudid take it exactly as prescribed. Granted, your pain may be practically intolerable and you may not notice much relief when you first take this medicine. Resist the urge to take another pill as doing so could cause difficulties breathing or can even be fatal. If after a few days you do not notice relief call your doctor. Dilaudid is a possible drug of addiction. A person can easily develop a physical and mental need for the drug, especially after long term use.

Take Care:

If you have a breathing condition, mood swings, depression or any other psychiatric condition makes your doctors aware. Also tell your doctor if you have a previous history of any chemical or alcohol related dependencies or addictions. Further, if you have problems with your kidneys, liver, thyroid gland, or Urethral enlargement your doctor should definitely be told. An enlarged prostate gland is another condition your doctor should be aware of if he/she does not already know about it. Adrenal gland issues as well as severe breathing conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are still other serious medical conditions to tell your doctor/s. Additionally, seizure disorders and Hypoxia as well as a previous head injury should also be reported to your doctor. Current or previous Substance dependence, abdominal issues or sensitivity to sulfites are other situations that may be of concern for your doctor. If you will soon have surgery involving the bile tract such as gastric bypass or any other type involving the path bile travels out your body you need yo inform you Dilaudid prescribing physician as well as your surgeon. Dilaudid effects can be dangerous if not taken as prescribed or if taken with alcohol or other over the counter or herbal sedatives. Even some over the counter diet aids can be fatal if combined with Dilaudid. You should also tell your doctor if you are trying to have a baby, are already pregnant or are nursing as Dilaudid effects can be dangerous to your unborn or nursing baby.

Dilaudid Side Effects:

Although actual Dilaudid effects cannot be determined with absolute certainty there are some indications that may cause adverse reactions to the drug. These Dilaudid effects may include, but are not limited to feeling anxious, difficulty having a bowel movement, feeling dizzy or light headed, feeling sleepy, inability or difficulty to perform physically or mentally, being unable to relieve the kidneys and bladder and feeling mentally disoriented. Feelings of moodiness, sedation, feeling restless and feeling sick to your stomach are additional signs of a possible reaction to Dilaudid. Feeling sluggish, having labored or shallow breathing and throwing up is even more possible symptoms of a drug reaction to Dilaudid. All of these possible symptoms to Dilaudid need to be reported immediately to your doctor. Naturally some of these symptoms may be mild and not require medical intervention. However, you should still notify your doctor as soon as possible as they could be the precursor to the onset of more serious Dilaudid effects.

If you take Dilaudid for the relief of moderate to acute pain you should always safeguard your medication. If Dilaudid should fall into a child's hand or your pet's mouth it could quickly be fatal. Also, never share your medication with anyone.

Dilaudid is quickly habit forming and should never be stopped all at once without the advice of your doctor. Doing so can cause withdrawal within just twenty-four hours or less. If you are wanting to stop taking Dilaudid you should do so under the advice and possibly the close supervision of medical personnel. Withdrawal from Dilaudid without close medical supervision can quickly become out of control. Withdrawal symptoms could include acute fear, disorientation, illogical thoughts and feelings, severe abdominal pain. Restlessness or jittery feelings. If you truly want to overcome your Dilaudid dependence don't do it alone. Go to a treatment facility where you can withdraw safely.


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