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Essential Facts About Dilaudid

Dilaudid is normally used as a pain reliever. However, it can be habit forming. This usually happens when one takes an overdose or uses it for a longer period than that recommended by a doctor. Besides, some people tend to use the narcotic more often without the prescription of a doctor.

Dilaudid has been observed to cause severe respiratory ailments, especially breathing problems. The effects are more severe if you abuse Dilaudid with other drugs such as alcohol. The facts about dilaudid are that it is an oploid analgesic, which is used purposely to treat pain in some patients. It works in the nervous system and the brain hence reducing pain.

You should never use this narcotic if you are sensitive to any ingredient used in its manufacture. It is also not prescribed if you are experiencing difficulties in breathing or suffering from asthma. Medical experts also warn against taking Dilaudid for people suffering from paralytic ileus, which causes blockage of the bowel. Therefore, it is always advisable to visit your doctor before taking dilaudid.

There are some medical conditions to consider before using dilaudid. You must inform your doctor if you are breast-feeding, pregnant, planning a pregnancy, allergic to food, medicines or other substances such as sulfites and latex. Inform your health provider of any dietary supplement, herbal preparation, nonprescription or prescription medicine that you might be taking. In addition, inform your doctor if you take alcohol or if you are suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. There are also some families that have a history of mood or mental problems such as depression, drug abuse or suicidal attempts. These are extremely essential facts about dilaudid that you must make your health provider aware.

Some of the medicines that interact with dilaudid include:Antagonists-Examples include Pentazocine, Butorphanol, and Buprenorphine. They are known to reduce the effectiveness and withdrawal of Dilaudid.MAOIs-An example is Phenelzine. They are known to increase the risk of drowsiness.Phenothiazines-An example is Chlorpromazine. They may increase the risk of low blood pressure.Anticholinergics-These include Oxybutynin and Scopolamine. They increase the risk of severe constipation and urinating problems.

Nonetheless, the above highlighted list of medicines is not exhaustive. Ensure you check with your doctor to ensure that the medicines you take do not interact with the pain reliever.

Usage of dilaudid

You should use Dilaudid just as prescribed by your medical provider. Besides, ensure that you read the label properly because it contains essential information such as dosage instructions. The painkiller is usually administered as an injection. Therefore, if you plan to use the painkiller from home, ensure your doctor teaches you how to use the drug. The first important thing that you should do is to check the authenticity of the drug. Besides, check whether it is damaged, cracked, discolored or cloudy. This will ensure that you do not cause more harm to yourself by using counterfeit or contaminated drug.

Dilaudid should be kept out of reach for pets and children. You should also ask your health care provider for safe disposal tips. Most people do not use the painkiller on a regular schedule. Besides, some just stop using the drug abruptly. The facts about dilaudid are that one should stop using the drug in a gradual manner. This is incredibly essential in avoiding withdrawal symptoms. One mistake that patients make is to take a double dosage in case he or she misses a dose. However, this should not be the way out. Just take the dosage, as soon as you realize you have missed a dose.


It is useful to note that the drug can cause some health effects. These include light-headedness, blurred vision, dizziness and drowsiness. The effects are even stronger when the drug is abused with other drugs, especially alcohol. To ensure that you do not form the habit of taking these drugs, it is essential to avoid using Dilaudid for a long period or in high doses. In some cases, the drug has been proven to cause constipation. Nonetheless, this can be avoided by taking a diet rich in fiber. Moreover, take plenty of water and engage in exercises.

This hub has not exhausted all the information about Dilaudid. However, it has highlighted useful facts about dilaudid, which are essential in preventing its addiction.


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