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Fentanyl Pictures

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a pungent synthetic-opiate analgesic comparable to but more powerful than morphine. It is usually used with patients suffering from severe pain, or for those coping with pain following surgery. In some cases, it is used to treat individuals with chronic pain who can physically tolerate opiates. Fentanyl is a schedule II prescription medicine.

The prescription names for Fentanyl are Sublimaze, Actiq, and Duragesic. The street names are China girl, Apache, dance fever, China white, good-fella, friend, Tango & Cash, jackpot, TNT, and murder 8. Similar to morphine, heroin, and various opioid-drugs, Fentanyl's effect is achieved by attaching to the body's opiate-receptors highly dense in parts of the brain that monitor emotions and pain.

When opiate-drugs fasten to the receptors, they increase dopamine levels directly in the brain's "feel good" area, producing a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Medications known as opiate-receptor antagonists perform by obstructing the influences of opiate-drugs. One known antagonist is Naloxone. Fentanyl overdoses should be dealt with immediately by using an opiate antagonist.

Physicians prescribing Fentanyl do so via lozenges, a transdermal patch, or via injection. Nonetheless, the kind of Fentanyl linked with the latest overdoses was manufactured by underground laboratories and combined with, or replaced with, heroin in powdered form. Adding Fentanyl with street cocaine or heroin considerably increases its potency along with a number of possible dangers. Effects consist of nausea, coma, euphoria, sedation, drowsiness, unconsciousness, respiratory-depression and arrest, and addiction.

Fentanyl Pictures

Fentanyl pictures are easily accessible online. They are useful for recognizing the products those persons or their relatives have been prescribed. Patients are frequently unaware of the dynamic ingredient, like Fentanyl; within the medications they have been prescribed. An online search for Fentanyl images or pictures can be quite useful when a treatment stage has been finished but a patient is dealing with a life threatening consequence of using Fentanyl.

Fentanyl Patches, Lollipops, and other Images

For example, there have been hundreds of persons who have suffered harsh Fentanyl side-effects because it is such an extremely powerful analgesic or pain control medicine. Fentanyl images reflect the type and packaging of the many forms and quantities of products containing Fentanyl. These include:

  • Intravenous injections
  • Powder form for assimilation
  • Tablets for between the cheek and gum, Fentora
  • Effervescent tablets
  • Fentanyl patches for trans-dermal drug delivery
  • Lozenges, Actiq
  • Lollipops, Actiq

Proper Identification of Fentanyl-Products

Most of the above mentioned drug distribution methods, possibly all, are produced with energetic ingredients besides Fentanyl. When a person suffers a grave side-effect or dies because of Fentanyl, it is vital to be able to identify the right product(s) prescribed to that individual, particularly if a legal action is being taken against the drug manufacturer.

Fentanyl Pictures Helps Identify Illegal Usage

Likewise, some individuals get hold of a product containing Fentanyl illegally. For instance, a person in a cancer patient's home or the person's caregiver could steal Fentanyl from the sick individual to use for themselves. The high from Fentanyl is similar to heroin. In addition, there is a huge black-market for Fentanyl and similar drugs. Fentanyl pictures can be a crucial part in identifying the specific product used.

Why Fentanyl Pictures Are Essential

Fentanyl is the most powerful opioid-analgesic on the market today. It is projected to be at least 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. Fentanyl including duragesic-transdermal patches was recalled by the thousands in 2004, due to a lethal manufacturing failing, seeping of Fentanyl gel. A public statement was issued in 2005 by the U.S. Food and Drug-Administration, FDA, concerning the many overdoses and deaths due to Fenatnyl usage.

In 2007, continued reports were issued concerning deaths from Fentanyl, including life threatening side-effects. Inapt prescriptions, incorrect usage, and unanticipated drug interactions all contributed to the number of deaths and critical medical dealings linked to Fentanyl use. Being able to identify Fentanyl with pictures is vital to any type of legal cases.


Painkillers such as Fentanyl, the most powerful, OxyContin, Vicodin and some others, are all opiates and very potent against pain. However, they must be taken under the immediate supervision of a physician. Unfortunately, the medications administered to relieve pain and suffering can cause addiction since they perform in the same area of the brain as heroin. These opiates are extremely efficient in assisting individuals with the medical uses for these types of medications. Nonetheless, utilizing such powerful drugs without the supervision of a qualified physician for reasons differing from their intended purpose is highly dangerous. Fentanyl pictures play an important role in identifying misuse of this potent drug.


  • Research indicates that "huffing" may cause low birth weights, skeletal abnormalities in newborns and delayed neurological development.
  • When addressing adolescent drug addiction, drug rehabs which can provide a comprehensive assessment, treatment, case management, and family-support services that are developmentally, culturally, and gender-appropriate are crucial.
  • The intensity and duration of opiate withdrawal varies greatly depending on the dose and speed of withdrawal. Short-acting opiates, such as heroin, tend to produce more intense but briefer symptoms.
  • Spending by the alcohol industry for advertisements concerning alcohol on T.V. grew by 22% in 2002, to over than $990 million.