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Fentanyl Street Names

Fentanyl is a drug that is prescribed to treat intense pain that can be suffered by people who have chronic pain that results from injuries or accidents. Most often, though, this drug is found under Fentanyl street names, some of which you may know and some that may be new to you.

Of all of the Fentanyl street names, the one that has the most impact is China White. The name China White is the name of a Fentanyl/Heroin cocktail that was unleashed on the streets of Chicago in or about 2006 by new drug dealers who were looking to build a customer base. The deadly cocktail of these drugs had many addicts ending up in local area emergency rooms for the antedote.

For those lucky enough to have arrived at the hospital in time, their lives were spared, that time, anyway. Some of those drug users who returned to the streets tried the dangerous drug cocktail over and over again, playing Russian Roulette with their fragile lives. Many addicts were found dead with needles still injected into their veins and autopsies provided the work up on the deadly drug cocktail, China White.

Fentanyl on its own is a powerful opiate that has intense and powerful effects that make the heroin seem like aspirin. The combination of the two drugs in a cocktail mix is a surefire recipe for disaster and many people have died as a result. These days, some of the common Fentanyl street names include jackpot, murder 8, China girl, Apache, dance fever, friend, goodfella, Tango and Cash and TNT.

The moment a person starts to become an intravenous drug user is the moment that they become a serious addict. Most people cannot use any other method of delivery and feel satisfied with the results because injection is the best way to get the drug directly into the bloodstream and to feel the effects immediately.

Intravenous drug use has its own set of dangers. Many users do not have access to injection supplies, so they share needles between themselves. Needles are meant for an one time use only, so in addition to being more dull with each use, the users run the risk of becoming infected with HIV or with Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. Once an user becomes infect with these diseases, they can become very sick. In addition, drug users who inject drugs can have severely impaired judgment and can engage in extremely risky behaviors that can put their lives at risk. They also tend to have unprotected sex with other addicts which presents its own set of problems.

Once a person becomes involved in the constant use of drugs intravenously, they are slowly going down the spiral to life on the street. They will lose interest in their life as they know it. Addiction is all consuming and a person with a serious addiction usually will lose their job, lose their home, lose all tangible connections with family and friends as they sink deeper into the depths of despair.

If you have a friend or family member who is in the grips of a Fentanyl addiction, it may have started out innocently enough. Perhaps that person was prescribed the medication to treat pain of some type. Once they started to take the prescription, they noticed that after a while they had to take more pills just to have the same effect as before. Soon they were taking way more pills than they were supposed to take and once the prescription ran out, the doctor would not renew it.

At that point, a person would be an addict and would then turn to drugs with Fentanyl street names such as "goodfella". If you hear anyone talking about Fentanyl street names, especially someone who is close to you, then you should encourage them to seek drug counselling. Once a person is addicted to Fentanyl, especially the street versions of the drug, they are probably using needles and will need some intense rehabilitation to help save their life. Observant family members and friends have saved many lives from the depths of a seemingly hopeless drug addiction. The best thing that you can do is be fully aware of the signs of addiction and to then take action immediately.


  • Research indicates that current drug rehabs can be as effective for older adults as they are for younger adults.
  • Major heroin withdrawal symptoms peek about 48 and 72 hours after the last heroin dose and subside after about a week.
  • The more you consume alcohol every day, the more likely you are to develop alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking.
  • The total number of drug-related emergency room visits rose over 80 percent from 2004 (2.5 million) to 2009 (4.6 million).