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Hydrocodone Side Effects - What To Be Aware Of

The following hydrocodone side effects have been observed in a number of people and as with any kind of drug there is always the chance of you developing some of them when you have been prescribed the medication. These side effects can range from being relatively mild to those that are more severe and would require medical attention immediately, but the majority of people take hydrocodone without encountering any problems whatsoever.

Hydrocodone belongs to a group of medication known as narcotic pain relievers and it is, therefore, generally given to someone in order to help with moderate to severe pain on a persistent basis. It is combined with acetaminophen as this is a type of pain medication that is less potent than hydrocodone; however, it does then help to increase the effect that the hydrocodone has making it a better pain reliever.

Mild hydrocodone side effects.

The majority of people will have no real side effects when taking hydrocodone, but out of those that do they will tend to be relatively mild and will not cause too many problems other than causing some minor discomfort for a few days. This only becomes an issue when the side effects persist for a number of days or they appear to steadily get worse because at this point it is important to get some advice from your doctor in order to determine if they will pass themselves or if the drug itself is causing your health problems.

These mild side effects often include: a feeling of anxiety, suffering from constipation, diarrhea, losing your appetite, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, a build up of gas, heartburn, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and generally feeling weak throughout the day. These side effects will generally ease as your body adjusts to having the hydrocodone in it so do give your system a couple of days to get used to it.

Severe hydrocodone side effects.

In a small percentage of cases people may develop more severe hydrocodone side effects and these side effects will require some medical attention or at least for you to seek some advice from your doctor. They may have occurred due to other medical conditions that were not related to taking the medication, but it is still important that they are mentioned so you can easily identify them should you believe that you are indeed having some kind of a reaction.

The severe side effects are as follows: a change in the color of your stools especially them becoming darker, a change in the amount of urine that you are producing, discolored vomit, nausea and general stomach upsets, changes to your vision include it becoming blurred, depression, being confused, changes in your mood, chest pains, heartbeat becoming irregular, problems with breathing including it becoming slower and shallower, fever, chills, a persistent sore throat, severe headaches, constant dizzy feeling, weakness on one side, drowsiness, gaining weight unexpectedly, and finally swelling around hands, feel or legs. There may also be a small selection of people that have an allergic reaction to hydrocodone and this is often recognised by tightness in the chest, breathing problems, itching, hives, a rash, and also some swelling around the lips and mouth. This kind of reaction does require medical intervention immediately due to the potential risks that are involved.

You are also advised to avoid taking this medication if you have any previous problems with your breathing, head injuries, problems with your blood pressure, stomach issues, or any medical condition related to the kidneys or liver. If this is indeed the case, then it is advised to avoid this medication due to the potential damage it may cause to the body thanks to previous medical problems. It is also best to avoid it if you have had some form of mental illness due to the potential risk of developing changes in your mood or being in a state of confusion.

Finally, this medication may be potentially harmful to an unborn child and it should, therefore, be avoided if you are indeed pregnant. It may also be able to be passed through breast milk and there is the potential for it to then cause some breathing problems and withdrawal symptoms in the child so it is also advised for you to avoid taking it if you plan on doing this.


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