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Lortab Side Effects - What Are They?

If you have been prescribed this particular medication, then it will be an advantage to be aware of the different lortab side effects that have been observed either through clinical trials or via reports from people that have been prescribed the medication. The list of potential side effects is extensive, but they are split up into two categories with these being mild and those that are more severe in nature.

Lortab itself is prescribed as a medication to treat moderate to severe pain and it is made by combining acetaminophen and hydrocodone. It is classified as being an opioid pain reliever and it is also known by several other brand names across the world.

Mild lortab side effects.

The vast majority of people will never encounter any kind of side effects when taking lortab, but in some instances there will be some mild reaction to the drug, but this will ease over the first couple of days and aside from causing you some mild discomfort there will be no need to consult your doctor or seek any kind of medical attention elsewhere. Medical advice should only be sought if you continue to suffer from these mild side effects or if they appear to be gradually getting worse over the first few days.

Keeping that in mind, the mild lortab side effects to be aware of include: generally feeling unwell and under the weather, drowsiness throughout the day, feeling faint or light headed, feeling dizzy, and finally feeling weak throughout the body. These side effects may all affect you or you may only suffer from a couple at any given time and as was previously stated they will generally ease by themselves as the body adjusts to having the drug in the body.

Severe lortab side effects.

The following severe lortab side effects are much rarer than those listed above, but it is important to stress that should you suffer from any of them, then you must seek medical attention immediately due to the potential of you developing various medical conditions quite quickly. It should also be noted that your doctor will have previously looked at your medical records and decided that lortab is going to benefit you more than the potential risk of taking the medication in the first place.

The severe lortab side effects include: nausea, vomiting, problems with your vision including developing double vision, developing breathing problems including it becoming slower and more shallow, your heartbeat becoming faster and irregular, a false sense of well-being, anxiety, headaches, a loss of appetite, and constipation. It is also important to mention that as with most medications there is a chance of developing an allergic reaction to it and this is normally going to result in someone suffering from swelling in the mouth, lips, and tongue, tightness developing in the chest, changes to breathing, a rash developing, and finally a rash also occurring. This reaction does require medical help as quickly as possible so it is advised to visit a hospital rather than merely calling a doctor.

Clearly you should avoid taking lortab if you are aware of being allergic to either of the drugs that make up the medication and you should also avoid taking it if you have any problems with liver disease. You should also avoid this medication if you have any lung disease or if you are aware of suffering from sleep apnea. People with low blood pressure should also be careful when taking this medication as should those that have previously had some problems with mental illness or a history of addictions. The reason for this is that it can be addictive if used incorrectly so your doctor has to be made aware of this to make sure it does not become a problem later on.

Finally, it is still unknown as to how much lortab may affect either an unborn baby in a pregnant woman or a child that is being breastfed. The two drugs that make up lortab have been known to be passed through breast milk so it does indicate that there may be a potential issue in regard to withdrawal symptoms and addictions in small children. You are, therefore, advised to inform your doctor of your desire to breastfeed or if you are pregnant so an alternative medication may be prescribed.


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