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Methadone Pictures

What comes to your mind when you think about Methadone pictures? Most of us see heroin addicts lined up for a small cup containing juice with Methadone mixed into it. If you were to see Methadone pictures that show the pill itself, you would be amazed at how extremely harmless the pill looks on its own.

There are plenty of prescription drugs that seem completely harmless because we have become so accustomed to seeing many different types of pills. The bottle of pills on the counter is a common sight in many American households these days. If the bottle of pills was Methadone, you certainly would not be able to determine that just by looking at the bottle.

If a person is a heroin addict, Methadone is a solution for them to kick the heroin habit. Whether in pill form or in powder form mixed in with juice, the drug is swallowed, not injected. This is one very important difference because heroin users inject the drug directly into their veins and this practice has a serious set of dangerous problems attached to it.

For one thing, intravenous drug use can lead to instant death. If the heroin that is being injected is not 100% pure and contains harmful additives, those additives are delivered instantly to the circulatory system, the brain, the lungs, the heart. If the drug is too potent or too pure, injection is the fastest way for an addict to die.

Methadone pictures show recovering heroin addicts taking their Methadone orally in a premeasured dose. Methadone is a lot less risky than heroin because of the oral ingestion method and the amount of time that the drug takes to absorb into the bloodstream. The drug is absorbed slowly into the body, rather than instantly, giving the user a gradual high that has a peak and then declines, all within a certain time frame.

Methadone is administered in a clinic setting through a prescription which allows the government and the medical profession to carefully regulate its use. This is not always the case, though. Since Methadone is a synthetic derivative of heroin, it is manufactured somewhere, and some street versions of the same drug are widely available.

It is when the drug is used in a capacity other than what how it is meant to be used that it becomes a problem. This is the point when Methadone stops being a tool to help the addict and becomes another addiction which some former addicts state is far worse than heroin.

While a person may look at Methadone pictures and think that the drug looks harmless, they are only partially correct. The truth behind the pictures they are viewing is that the drug is safe when administered by clinicians and the user is monitored. Some doctors are trusting addicts to regulate themselves by giving them Methadone in pill form. For some, this is perfectly fine, while for others, it is entirely possible to experience an overdose.

An overdose of the drug is not the pleasant experience that most people associate with certain drugs. Instead, the user who overindulges will feel extremely nauseous and may even vomit. They will then notice that their skin has a blue tint, including lips and fingernails. The next issue will be that they have a very hard time breathing. Some users may find that the cannot breath at all. If a person has a methadone overdoes, it is important to take them to an emergency room immediately.

A person experiencing an overdose does not have the capacity to realize what is going on. They are relying on you to help them to get to the hospital and to get the medical attention they need to live through the experience. Afterwards, it may be a good time to broach the topic of checking into a rehabilitation program.

If you are a regular user of Methadone and have experienced an overdose, then you must already know how horrible the experience was. No one is going to think of you as a lesser person if you ask for help and admit yourself into a rehab program. Drug counsellors are professionals who understand what is going on for you and how to help you to make a full recovery from your addiction.


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