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Percocet Pictures

If one were to search for Percocet pictures they might be surprised. This particular pill has so many different formats and sizes that it has no particular generic look. The pills could be small if the dose is small, and larger if the dose is increased.

Percocet is a narcotic that is prescribed for pain. A person who takes this medication needs to be closely monitored by a physician, because it is a highly addictive drug. There are many different forms of the drug and it is known to contain small doses of Oxycodone which is a very addictive drug that has become over prescribed and widely abused.

Smaller pockets of the Midwestern United States are known to have serious issues with prescription drug addiction and abuse. Many recognize Oxycodone by the name "hillbilly heroin". A person who uses Percocet will exhibit many of the same familiar effects of narcotics, including irregular breathing. They may also experience headaches, severe dizziness, seizures, heart failure, low blood pressure, nausea and depression.

When a person looks at Percocet pictures, they really have no idea of how a drug that looks so benign can ruin lives when it is misused. A well-meaning doctor can prescribe the drug and hope that it helps their patient with severe or chronic pain. Some patients are more susceptible to addiction than others, and many doctors are fully aware of the potential addiction problem associated with this drug.

Plenty of doctors are very busy these days and are also understaffed. They take on too many patients because of doctor shortages and some patients can slip through the cracks when it comes to keeping an eye on the big picture. Pharmacies are more aware of addiction these days and can take steps to prevent prescription refills where they are not due or where they are from different doctors. This is largely due to the fact that pharmacies use computers to track medications, mostly for the possible interaction of different drugs with one another.

If you were prescribed Percocet to take care of pain that you have been experiencing and you feel that you cannot get by without taking this drug, then you may have an addiction. How do you know if you have an addiction? First of all, if your prescription is running low and you won't be able to get more pills, you may be experiencing severe panic. The physical withdrawal symptoms that you will experience can be troublesome and they include severe anxiety, muscle pain, insomnia, and nausea. Basically, you will feel like you are suffering from the flu, because the symptoms are so similar.

Percocet is a controlled substance, and if a person cannot get a prescription from their doctor, they may take extreme measures to get their hands on more of the drug. This may even include getting injured on purpose or self-wounding. This kind of destructive behavior should be an indication that the person who is behaving this way needs help immediately.

Fortunately, there are many very good rehabilitation facilities available to help people with their addictions. The main road block is for people to get themselves checked in and to stay the course with the detox and rehab program. Percocet pictures make the drugs look harmless, but for a person who is trying to get clean, they can be an image that reminds them of how the drug made them feel.

There is no need to suffer through the grips of addiction. If you are an addict, the sooner that you get help with a drug problem, the better. For each day that you continue taking Percocet when you no longer need it, you strengthen the addiction and make it harder to quit. If you are an addict, you need professional help to work through the steps to quit your addiction. No amount of self-help or willpower will be enough to get through your detoxification. Once you start to exhibit withdrawal, you need professional medical care to ensure that you are safe every step of the way. If you have finally made the decision to get help, then you have already taken the first step of many. Find a good rehabilitation centre and make contact with them immediately, they will help you with your journey to becoming sober.


  • The kidneys and lungs remove about 10% of the alcohol in the urine and breath, making the breathalyzer test a valid tool to measure a person's blood alcohol level.
  • Long-term residential drug rehab programs provide constant care and treatment generally takes place in non-hospital type settings.
  • It is important for both legitimate and illicit users to understand that even moderate doses of Percocet have been known to result in fatal drug overdoses.
  • Babies of heroin addicts are born dependent on the drug and must go through withdrawal as their first task in life.