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Percodan Addiction And Various Treatment Options

Drug addiction is often wrongly assumed that people with immoral values succumb easily and they can be cured simply by choosing to change their behaviors. In reality, it is a chronic condition that takes more than good behavior to get rid of the addiction completely. Percodan addiction is one such state, wherein the people addicted were prescribed the drug legally, and later got obsessed with the euphoria created. It is considered as a serious and often life threatening condition.

Percodan, a pain relieving ingredient was found by German scientists in early 20th century as an alternative to heroin. The resultant was the drug oxycodone, a semi-synthetic opioid pain reliever which was found to carry a grave risk of causing addiction like the other opioid drugs. Percodan which is a combination of oxycodone and aspirin has the anti-inflammatory and temperature regulating properties of the latter and analgesic properties of the former.

How is the addiction caused?

Percodan addiction is caused mainly by its active ingredient - oxycodone. This drug is known for its habit-formation especially when it is given well above the dose. Some of the causes for the addiction are

• Physical effects - When there is too much dependency of the drug to relieve intense pain caused due to injury or surgery, naturally the addiction of the drug begins. Physical cravings for the percodan develop a sense of confusion and havoc which can be relieved by a proper detox program.

• Emotional effects - Once the physical effects of the drug addiction sets in, the person automatically develops an emotional addiction to the drug too. A feeling of unrest begins to take control which makes one believe that only percodan can keep you in a comfort zone.

• Escapism - Using drugs as an escape route to happiness is one of the significant reasons for increased drug addiction. Percodan's euphoric and calming effects are pitched by addicts as a reason to use the drug for ecstasy and joy it offers, free from the hectic life.

• Accidental addictions - The most distressing of all addictions is the accidental ones which have serious emotional and mental implications.

Percodan addiction withdrawal symptoms

Like any other drug withdrawal symptoms, percodan also causes a range of signs that further increases the urge to continue the drug and result in worst addiction symptoms. Few of the symptoms are

  • Anxiety & mood swings
  • Flu or cold like signs
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Upper respiratory disorder

Percodan addiction treatment

Treatment for percodan abuse generally needs a comprehensive overview of the physical and psychological effects caused by the drug. The very first step down the rod to drug recovery is admitting that there's a problem with addition to drugs. Once the addict admits his mistake, he can seek help and take part in drug addiction treatments. There main types of treatment include

1. Inpatient treatment - This type of treatment is a complete program that involves keeping the persons involved in percodan abuse as a close knitted group. Many treatment facilities are organized by charity and Christian groups which help in boosting the morale of the addicts and lessen the withdrawal symptoms. Christian groups offer the service at relatively low cost apart from cleansing them spiritually. The advantage of inpatient treatment is, there is no influence of the outside world or its shortcomings on the patient and helps them recover fast.

2. Outpatient treatment - This is an effective treatment method which involves the patients to attend therapy sessions scheduled according to one's requirements while being exposed to the trigger factors of the percodan addiction. This treatment is very valuable as the patient can know the real state of one's addiction and assess their treatment methods accordingly.

3. Cognitive behavior therapy - This is a psychotherapeutic approach that has been found effective to treat the anxiety related problems associated with the withdrawal symptoms of percodan. Patients are allowed to choose the type of therapy sessions which will help them get over the triggers of the percodan abuse that they have been trapped in. By identifying the trigger and combating its ill effects, one can easily overcome the addiction effectively.

Whatever the type of drug addiction treatment program one is involved in, the patient's focus and dedication to the whole process determines the longevity of the medication and relief programs. Also a caring and supportive surrounding is essential to boost the patient's will power and fasten up the recovery phase.


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